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No, it's just that the ignornant bigots in Northern cities have never seen a black man (except on TV) so they don't know anything about racism (except what they learn by watching TV.) You've really got to pity people who don't know where food comes from or what buildings are made of or what different cultures are like and think because they have cable TV and an "ethnic" restaurant in the tourist district of the city they live in that they are multicultural. It's not a fact, but I suspect that putting so many people close together tends to have a psychological effect of forcing them into group thinking so they tend to congregate in like-minded groups, thus further sheltering themselves from more cultures. Also, due to the "faster pace" of life (meaning the more time that is spent commuting shorter distances due to a "lowest common denominator" effect on traffic, the less time they have for other activities.) Stuff like actually getting to know the Chinese person who runs the Chinese (or Thai) restaurant that you frequent for lunch happens less in crowded cities than in rural areas. Yes, they have chinese restaurants in small towns!

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