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Comment Re:The government can't just shut down like this (Score 1) 119

What you're saying makes no sense whatsoever. Congress passed the law, and the law only applies to Congress since they're the only relevant party (other than the President). Consequently, what would be the point of doing that if it has no value whatsoever (which is what you're arguing)?

Comment Re:The government can't just shut down like this (Score 3, Informative) 119

You're right that the constitution doesn't dictate the number of justices but the Judiciary Act of 1969 does: Consequently, it's not optional to have eight except for temporary purposes (like retiring judge). Again, it doesn't matter because the republicans will do whatever the fuck they want anyway.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 445

Snowden isn't a whistle blower anymore than Assange is. He leaked a mountain of top secret information (which is now probably available to any half decent intelligence organization in the world), the vast majority of which, is for completely legal programs. He threw the baby out with the bath water. Put another way, he's a traitor. Full stop. You have to be completely blind to reality to see it any other way.

Comment Re:We know because we're DOING it! (Score 2) 488

Most of the 650k emails have nothing to do with Hillary. It was Weiner's laptop. They are the communications of Weiner and his wife. Only a small portion of the 650k were between Huma and Hillary. Why would Huma use code names to communicate with Hillary? It doesn't change her email address. Seriously, did you think this through AT ALL?

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