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Submission + - IPv6 enabled websites primarily European based and powered by Linux (hackertarget.com)

An anonymous reader writes: A recent study by HackerTarget.com of the top 1 million web sites shows European based web hosts are leading the way towards IPv6. Germany and Russia have about 5% of websites sitting on IPv6 enabled domains, while the USA sits at 0.38%. Of the IPv6 enabled websites; Apache and Nginx host over 90% of the total web sites, while Microsoft IIS sits at 4.5%.

A second study is planned following World IPv6 day to examine any significant increase in the number of IPv6 enabled web sites.

Comment Re:always the loudest wins. (Score 0, Troll) 1046

They get away with it because of the extreme polarisation of opinions. If i write up an article detailing how the atmosphere will balloon and aerobreak the moon down on our heads because of man made CO2 sources then i'll get immideate support from the CO2=Bad crowd, atleast from the journalist and non-scientist segment of the crowd even though the science behind the argument is fraudulent. That it have turned into a political alignment instead of science is my main problem with it.
My secondary problem is the hubris of the climate modellers, predicting there will be rain in 12 hours or snow this winter is at best guesstimations, yet people tout their multi decade global predictions as for sure to be really accurate and a reason to ACT NOW because in twenty years it will be too late, never mind waiting five years to see if the model have any accuracy. And if we do wait five years we'll have the new and shiny and untested climate model 5.0 which more accurately reflected the last five years as an indicator of increased accuracy yet still is untested for predicting real future.

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