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Comment Re:Most States have these Occupation Codes (Score 1) 555

I'm more inclined that PE certification, like so many professional certifications, is mostly about eliminating competition and running a kind of cartel,

I can assure you that the PE certification process/requirements was started with a good intention of preventing disasters. However, the ONLY thing that prevents disaster are people who can actually do the work properly, and that the certification process/requirements are incapable of making sure that critical calculations are done correctly. We only can certify that they should be done correctly, and the person doing them should be able to complete those calculations correctly. Not that they actually can or will.

The REAL test is, if a government requires certification, and is in charge of certifications, then the liability for any failure by a certified "engineer" should rest with the certifying authority, or the certification is meaningless. And now, you know where the real problem is. It isn't the certification or the process, it is there is no liability on/for people making the requirements up.

Comment Re:I hope he wins his suit (Score 1) 555

No, but if you tell people that the Omega 3 Fatty acids in Walnuts has benefits for heart disease (Provably), you would be turning walnuts into drugs, and only the FDA can declare something a drug. And Telling people that Vitamin C will cure scurvy is the same thing. You need a prescription for vitamin C in order to cure scurvy, eating a lime (where the term Limey comes from) is something only a doctor can do.

Regulations ultimately end in idiocy.

Comment Re:Journalism (Score 1) 174

The problem with the Media companies is that they have a long string of news that they tried to bury, only to have small blogs, rags, and "fake news" sites actually have the real goods.

The reason they are going after WikiLeaks isn't because of hacking, or classified or whatever information, it is because WikiLeaks basically blew the lid off the collusion to elect Hillary, and got Trump elected instead. Both Rinos and Democrats hate Trump, and want him destroyed, which is why they are shooting the messenger, to warn all the ot people doing actual journalism (which is what I call WikiLeaks).

Comment Re:Did someone say bubble!? (Score 1) 317

It isn't a bubble. it is the full extent of the Reality Distortion Field. This is why people in Bay Area have a very distorted view of the rest of the country, you know, people in "fly over country" who are nothing but rubes and hicks. They won't move, because they can't fathom living on 75K a year, when they are virtually poor making $150K. They think 4000-5000 mo House Payments is "normal".

Submission + - Murdered woman's Fitbit nails cheating husband

BarbaraHudson writes: A murdered woman's Fitbit data shows she was still alive an hour after her husband claims she was murdered and he was tied up, contradicting her husband's description of events.

Richard Dabate, 40, was charged this month with felony murder, tampering with physical evidence and making false statements following his wife Connie's December 2015 death at their home in Ellington, Tolland County.

Dabate called 911 reporting that his wife was the victim of a home invasion, alleging that she was shot dead by a "tall, obese man" with a deep voice like actor Vin Diesel's, sporting "camouflage and a mask," according to an arrest warrant.

Dabate alleged her death took place more than an hour before her Fitbit-tracked movements revealed.

Submission + - Why Did Google Really Block A Guerrilla Fighter In The Ad War? (

tedlistens writes: Google's decision to ban the Chrome plug-in AdNauseum due to a violation of its "single purpose policy"—shortly after the app began supporting the EFF's new Do Not Track standard—was only the latest salvo in an ongoing war over online advertising. The ad industry knows that ads are a nuisance, and it's now taking pre-emptive measures to make them more palatable—or, in Google's case, to block the unpalatable ones. But Google's positions also point to a crucial disagreement at the heart of the ad war: What makes ads such a nuisance to begin with?

Ads aren't just ugly, annoying, and bandwidth-sucking: They pose a risk to privacy, as the networks of software behind ads—cookies, trackers, and malware—watch not only where you go on the web but, through your phone and your purchases, what you do in real life. But privacy is largely missing from Google's discussion of problematic ads, says Howe. By avoiding mentioning AdNauseum's actual intent, Google's explanation for banning it echoes the advertising industry's discussion of web ads, which focuses on aesthetics rather than privacy.

Submission + - Windows 95 and 98 still power Pentagon's critical systems

SmartAboutThings writes: The Pentagon is set to complete its Windows 10 transition by the end of this year, but nearly 75% of its control system devices still run Windows XP or other older versions, including Windows 95 and 98. A Pentagon official now wants the bug bounty program of the top U.S. defense agency expanded to scan for vulnerabilities in its critical infrastructure.

Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Cheaper cellphone and internet? 3

An anonymous reader writes: I pay $50 a month to AT&T for cellular service, and $60 a month to Comcast for Internet access. I don't have or want a smartphone, and use maybe 10% of my call minutes every month, and have a bare-bones plan. I use the Internet lightly, and would be happy with DSL speeds instead of 8Mb/S if it were cheaper, but can't completely get rid of Internet access entirely. How can I make these cheaper?

Comment Re:Journalism (Score 3, Insightful) 174

Real Journalism is dead. Those things you speak of died in the age of headline news and twitter posts of simplistic nature where viral is the new meme.

Must report something before anyone else, who cares if it is accurate or not. Publish or perish. This is the world we live in.

The fact that Hillary and crew were decidedly evil, caught via "hacked" information, that led to her loss isn't news, the "RUSSIANS" are the news. It doesn't matter how evil the bitch is, "RUSSIA" hacked the elections!!!!! People found out how evil she was, and voted for the "lessor" of two evils, and that doesn't matter "RUSSIANS" hacked the elections.

Russia hacking the DNC and Hillary campaigns (no real proof or evidence ever presented, only Dark Shadow Government agencies saying so) is the news!

This is how "fake news" is generated. Alternative facts parroted until they are more important than the actual real news .... Hillary and DNC actually conspired with the News Media to toss Bernie under a bus and rig an election. BUT RUSSIA HACKED THE ELECTIONS!!!

Comment Incompetent Board of Directors? (Score 1) 155

I know what you're saying. But the big question is, why did the Yahoo Board of Directors make such a HUGE mistake.

A few of the Marissa Meyer stories, over several years. Major problems were reported almost 5 years ago:

The Truth About Marissa Mayer: She Has Two Contrasting Reputations (Jul. 17, 2012) Quote: "She used to make people line up outside of her office, sit on couches and sign up with office hours with her. Then everybody had to publicly sit outside her office and she would see people in five minute increments. She would make VPs at Google wait for her. It's like you've got to be kidding."

Yahoo! CEO Mayer Is Delusional and Must Go - (Oct. 21, 2015)

Marissa Mayer: A Case Study In Poor Leadership - Forbes (Nov. 20, 2015) Five reasons people don't like Yahoo's Marissa Mayer (Oct. 7, 2016)

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer led illegal purge of male employees, lawsuit charges (Oct. 6, 2016)

How was Marissa Mayer viewed within Google? - Quora

What made Marissa Mayer an incompetent CEO? - Quora

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer Thoroughly Failed on Promise to Not Screw Up Tumblr (Jun. 16 2016)

Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Concidence or Questionable Data Harvesting?

FerociousFerret writes: I haven't been to P.F. Chang's in something like 15 years. I went with my brother and friends on Sunday. On Monday I receive an email from P.F. Changs ( with a promotional coupon. I have never received an email from P.F. Changs before. I mentioned the email offer to my brother who does programming work in the banking industry and the first thing he said was "You paid with your credit card". I was the only one to use a credit card and the only one to receive an offer by email from P.F. Changs. But how did they connect the credit card to my email? Well, I am signed up for the Pei Wei rewards program and get fairly regular emails from them ( with offers and such. P.F. Chang’s China Bistro, Inc. owns and operates two restaurant concepts in the Asian niche: P.F. Chang's® and Pei Wei®. Looks like a clear case of data harvesting and matching up my name and credit card to my Pei Wei account to send me P.F. Chang offers. If my credit card is being used for anything other than making the payment transaction, it would seem like some questionable data harvesting and privacy issue. Thoughts?

Submission + - NASA Launching Super Pressure Balloon - Wanaka, New Zealand (

rupert.applin writes: The NZ Herald is reporting the launch of another super pressure balloon from Wanaka Airport in New Zealand.

"A stadium-sized balloon launch conducted by Nasa is going ahead in Wanaka after seven failed attempts.

Nasa will be conducting a super-pressure balloon test flight from Wanaka on a planned 100-day journey.

After launch the balloon will ascend to an altitude of 33.5 kilometres where the stratospheric winds will propel it at speeds of at least 100 knots through the heating and cooling of the day-night cycle on a weeks-long journey around the Southern Hemisphere, said Debbie Fairbrother, Nasa's Balloon Programme Office chief."

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