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Comment Re:The whole idea is stupid (Score 1) 220

Hey if it improved my application for a work permit I'd have no problem sharing my professional account profiles, like my LinkedIn account. If I had a personal website that I maintained as my CV and hobbies I'd totally provide that - particularly in the case if I had a very common name (I personally don't) and needed to distinguish myself from the bajillion other Mohammed/Muhammed/Mohamed. I'd especially do it if I knew it would expedite the application process. Nothing to hide, etc etc

Comment Re:Imagine if it was worth something... (Score 1) 106

Amazon should create their own block chain currency tied to some metric like the net value of their warehouse inventory. It'd be some modern consumerist gold standard. Giving someone "Amazon Bucks" or whatever stupid term they'd market it as would have value anywhere in the world. It would directly translate to purchasing power within Amazon's inventory and translates to something tangible. This holds even more true if they continue into fresh food.

Comment Re:Let the autopilot handle TO & Landings (Score 1) 275

CAT IIIc autoland really just has nose wheel steering control in addition to LOC and G/S (aka ILS) to maintain the centre line of the runway it won't drive you to the gate. If visibility really is 0/0 you'll get a car to follow to the gate. Those situations are rare though and the airport taxi lighting system should be sufficient.

Comment Re:Fucking copyright vultures (Score 1) 349

I'm still waiting for a Sherlock Holmes feature film set a few hundred years into a cyberpunk dystopian future. I think the closest we've seen of Sherlock Holmes in the future is in Star Trek TNG S02E03 "Elementary, Dear Data" and S06E12 "Ship in a Bottle". This horse can take many, many more beatings.

Comment Re:Trump == Carter (Score 1, Insightful) 365

How do you even screen for Muslims? If their name is something like Abu Bassir Al-Mohamadi does that automatically make them Muslim? What about Muslims that have lived in Canada or Europe for 20+ years and maybe practice once or twice a month, would they be barred from entry to the US? Can they recant their faith and be atheist? Would they have to write a letter to some institute of Islam, commit apostasy and face possible death penalties in their respective country?

  Iranians are at least citizens of Iran. I don't know if Carter's ban extended to Iranian nationals that moved to other countries and no longer held Iranian citizenship, but it's at least screen-able and clear cut.

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