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BASH 4.0 Released 459

An anonymous reader writes "The widely used Bourne-Again Shell (BASH) version 4.0 is out. The new major release fixes several remaining bugs in the 3.x releases, and introduces a bunch of new features. The most notable new features are associative arrays, improvements to the programmable completion functionality, case-modifying word expansions, co-processes, support for the `**' special glob pattern, and additions to the shell syntax and redirections. The shell has been changed to be more rigorous about parsing commands inside command substitutions, fixing one piece of POSIX non-compliance. Most of us will probably wait for the distros to test the new version and upgrade gradually, but you always have the option of grabbing the source and compiling it yourself. Enjoy."

Submission + - Iranian Student proves P=NP ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: Iranian student Zohreh O. Akbari, a native of Tehran, and currently a graduate student at Payame Noor University, claims to have proven that P=NP in her recent paper entitled "A Deterministic Polynomial-time Algorithm for the Clique Problem and the Equality of P and NP Complexity Classes". Her paper was published in the Proceedings of the World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology, and if true has some very serious consequences. It should be noted that most Computer Scientists have believed that P does not equal NP. This follows on the heels of a paper by Dr. Rafee Kamouna that SAT is not NP-Complete, another proof that shoved aside established belief in theoretical computer science.

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