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Comment Re:There is no expectation of privacy (Score 1) 515

They have no reason to believe they should be unrecordable when they are out on the road or on the sidewalk.

Of course the police have a reason to believe that they are unrecordable in public. There are states with just such laws on the books. They may be unconstitutional, but they would need to be tested first...

Comment Re:Don't forget about Apple. (Score 1) 497

If you dislike Apple's restraints, all you have to do is switch platforms. There is nothing holding you here except the end-utility of the platform. If anything, Apple has made it easier the switch out because they support open standards.

The difference with Microsoft is that they used their market share to make sure there was little to no viable alternatives to switch to for quite a while. Vendors that offered alternatives were pressured to stop. That was the core problem with Microsoft.

A lot of people are confused about this distinction. I think that Apple should be free to restrict their offerings any way they wish within their own platform, it just takes away from their own utility and competitiveness. However, I take issue if they try to restrain my available choices of competing platform which is what Microsoft did.

Comment State of the Art Management (Score 1) 618

I think that the problem is that the philosophy of business schools shifted from producing better products and services to profit optimization. For a while this worked as business did have some margin to coast on the level of developed of technology, but it increasingly is a direction that is stalling out as the proportion of rehashed crap product/services is rising vs new fundamental productivity gains.

Comment Re:It's the apps, stupid (Score 5, Insightful) 47

Given the membership and their statements, it actually sounds like they might be working on integrating/standardizing the access to underlying hardware. Most of those manufacturers make ARM chips with various added peripherals. It would certainly save time if I could grab a Linux distro that was everything below the UI level without having to spend time integrating the low level chip libraries to access the custom hardware functions in the chip.

Gas Wants To Kill the Wind 479

RABarnes writes "Scientific American has posted an article about the political efforts of natural gas and electric utilities to limit the growth of wind-generated electricity. Although several of the points raised by the utilities and carbon-based generators are valid, the basic driver behind their efforts is that wind-generation has now successfully penetrated the wholesale electricity market. Wind was okay until it became a meaningful competitor to the carbon dioxide-producing entities. Among the valid points raised by the carbon-based generators are concerns about how the cost of electricity transmission are allocated and how power quality can be improved (wind generation — from individual sites — is hopelessly variable). But there are fixes for all of the concerns raised by the carbon-based entities and in almost all cases they have been on the other side of the question in the past."

Why Broadband In North America Is Not That Slow 376

An anonymous reader writes "The Globe & Mail has an article written in response to a recent study done by the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard about how far behind the rest of the world the US and Canada are with regard to broadband internet. The refutation basically tears apart Harvard's analysis and shows why the US and Canada are actually far ahead of most European countries. 'Canada has a true broadband penetration rate of close to 70 per cent of households. And North Americans use the Internet somewhat more intensively than do Europeans, according to Cisco Systems data on Internet traffic. Further, business Internet traffic in North America appears to be at levels substantially higher than elsewhere in the world. Sadly, there is little systematic effort by international agencies to measure the intensity of Internet usage. Instead, we see comparisons of advertised speeds and "price per advertised megabit," which are especially misleading. Advertised broadband speeds vary from actual speeds. In North America, this is largely a result of "network overhead," and is quite modest. In Europe, however, the variation is often dramatic.'"

Comment Re:ha ha suckers!!! (Score 1) 658

I can't boot up, and I have one of those HP computers that has everything built into the screen, so I can't even take the hard drive out.

That's a start of a great joke... how many PhDs does it take to remove a hard drive? Actually try booting with some form a live CD or usb stick. Most let you access the drive. Try Linux - many like the Ubuntu flavor.

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