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Comment Why should he present that info to you? (Score 1) 304

All what he said was cited and cited over and over and over. Just go to real climate science FFS. But you guy keep repeating the same lie, and every time ask for the thankless job of citation. Just to ignore it again in the next story. Personally I stopped caring. I am old enough that the effect will be minimal on my life, and I have no children. So I egoistically don't care anymore. Go ahead continue pumping CO2 in the atmosphere, and go ahead continue ignoring the very fucking simple science about the greenhouse effect (heck that effect was long known, but apparentely for idiot like you climate change denier , having a higher CO2 ppm in the atmosphere does not warm it, go figure). I'll be long dead when the worst effect will start to be felt. And go all fuck yourself *bows*.

Comment That was not fake news again (Score 3, Insightful) 112

Fake news are hoax news made especially to lie to people. The rolling stone stories was not fake news it was somebody which lied about being raped. That is not the same thing. Again, if I pretend I was raped by a NFL quarterback, and give an interview to CNN, it isn't fake news, because they do the interview in good faith. That is the hinging point : the publisher publish in good faith - at worst you can say they are a crap journal because they did not check properly. But if CNN start publishing a news that republican have a special club where they fiddle kiddies, and manage to get it spread, while fully knowing it is wrong, it is fake news.

Comment Probably not (Score 0) 226

There is only a small subset of people angry at this : the small subset of US folk which either see any censorship as extremely bad no matter which, and those from the right which had belief in pizzagate (my god I read what they consider evidence , and I think those folk are insane). The rest of the world ? Don't care will continue using reddit.

Comment Private property (Score 1) 1041

"If you don't agree you can go fuck yourself you stupid cunt." fuck off twitter private property if you don't want to respect their rules. Personally I see nothing lost, but I support 100& their right to censor everything they want. For years I have stated the danger of censorship was not anymore government in the west, but private company which overtake all communication channel and thus can censor far more effectively, without repercussion. I was pretty much ignored by everybody I know because their media cherie could do no wrong. Now I get to tell you all fuck off , and I told you so.

Comment Wealth had nothing to do with constituton (Score 2) 351

The wealth of the USA came to be because 1) mostly they got free land for no cost with load and load of resources which were unexploited 2) they were isolated, so some stuff like world war, impacted the US far less than other country on which invasion and bombing was done (and thus needed reconstruction).

Both those factors are what led to the US enormous wealth. Other countries, neither had those opportunities of resource, nor were spared by the war of 1870Ies, 1910ies, 1930ies.

Comment interresting very informative (Score 1) 27

I was not aware of the product warning (well I did not leave it as default password, and i have one very long complicated alphanumeric one so i guess i am safer). Still the firmware update solved my problem... or was it unrelated and happenned at the same instant ? No idea but now it works. Thanks for the tip.

Comment That is not fake news (Score 1) 270

Fake news is announcing intentionally something which never happened with the intent of hoaxing the reader. Do you confuse bad-quality-news which do not go for your narrative, with fake news. Fake news would be that the policeman killing brown was a KKK honcho for the region. That's fake with the intention of hoaxing the person.

Comment They lie (Score 2) 106

" Supporters however say rigid regulatory obligations protect incumbents and hinder the entry of digital startups which offer looser work arrangements to workers". I can't speak for all countries, but the requirement to be a taxi driver in germany is : 1) have a commercial insurance on the car 2) pass a governemental driving license exam 3) have "measured" counter for range counting to make sure the client is not ripped off 4) agree to have a minimum number of taxi at train station for people to easily get one and rule making so you can't refuse a course based on distance. Nothing in that protect incubent and hinder digital startup. They jsut do not want to respect the law because it cost money, whereas taking any joe blow from the street and pushing all risk on the client and driver cost nothing. They just want to cream up the thing without the cost.

Comment Are you naive ? (Score 4, Insightful) 254

For all practical intent and purpose, all BBS and reddit like can be edtable by default. in fact you have to spend money to add security , encryption, and ensure non editability. Unless it is a selling point, you should always assume that everything is editable to match whatever goals political or not.

Comment Most plug allow both in and out (Score 1) 121

At least for the cards I have had for the last 10 years you have a color for the plug and you can choose *at the moment* you plug in if it should act as headphone, as microphone, it is not set as "in" or "out" you can even switch them around and it sitll work properly. If the driver can chose, then the driver can be misused to switch around and amde believe headphone/loudpseaker are (poor) microphone

Comment But he is right (Score 3, Insightful) 385

I will explain you why. Most right wing party are what we call "conservative". Which means a tendency to not change the status quo, to ark back to position which static , "what was done before is good enough" etc... It is only a tendency so look at the average. By nature conservative stay on the habitual position we had. The problem is, science and the new technology we have had for the last 100 years and especially 20-30 years are disruptive. New knowledge is disruptive of the habits of the old one. For example science discovered that spanking is contra productive. Science pointed out at global warning. The problem is that that "new" fact , is disruptive of "old" fact. So they go AGAINST the current for conservative. That is why even it is said in jest, science and new stuff , as disruptive of old stuff as they are, have an anti-conservative bias by nature. New discovery by necessity disrupt old habits/old knowledge, and so by definition will be anti conservative. Some people say "liberal" bias but I would say "disruptive" as politically neutral, as some of the cow of "liberals" (I hate those term) are also slaughtered by disruptive new findings.

So yes, even if said in jest, there is a base of truth in it.

Comment Those not learning from history.... (Score 4, Insightful) 403

You are confusing propaganda with news. Trump saying something on twitter isn't news. Somebody posting an article on facebook isn't news. You have to have a vetting process, and a check/verification process, be it at the editor, but more rpeferably at the reading end too. And no matter what side of the political process you, both Democrate and republican are faulty of using hoax stories, let us call them by what they really are. You take trump as example, but even he fell down the trap with that so called "jihadist" video which was an hoax.

During the hayday of journalism , say 1940 to 1970-80ish , this vetting and verification process was understood, and serious journalism rose above the yellow press. But starting 1980ies and strongly 1990ies, it declined because people are pretty damn cheap. So vetting and serious investigation dropped, dropped and dropped until the cost are so much cut that every damn idiot copy/paste one source be it a AFP , Reuter or a 3rd party rag, check it, they even don't bother changing the wording. Heck now people are considering the shit out of facebook news. It isn't. They are just stories, as likelies to be hoax, taken out of context, or even news, without vetting or fact checking you can't tell. Since there is no vetting process on either side (writing/reading), no double check , those hoax get spread. heck scam too. Steorn. Rossi eCat. And so forth. How often I tried to get people to spot the warning sign ? And get ignored because I am a "liberal" or a "rightwingnut" (depending on the slant of the story I try to point out has problem) or even a "close minded scientist" ?

And frankly, I have been saying for years it is a problem, albeit in skeptical forums, not here. The problem is that critical thinking is a skill one need to learn because it is pretty damn easy to fall into one's bias as long as they go the way one politically think. Nobody Is teaching critical thinking. So for years we have been seeing hoaxes rise as stories and being handled seriously. Heck among skeptic group, what do you think we try to fight for ? Critical thinking is THE skill everybody should be getting. And yet again I predict that this will fall by the byside , being seen as propaganda from butthurt people.

The only point where you are right, is that a lot of media are butthurt now and see that as a problem. But that does not mean the problem is not real. It is real, and I have seen the rise of hoax and scam being treated very seriously , far more than previously in spite of fact checking being so easy nowadays.

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