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Comment The law decide only the minimum process (Score 1) 219

Youtube can decide to have their own private process which is "better" (at least from the claim side) than the law. In fact they could stop at step 2 and not care about the accused's side. You are thinking this is a process youtube should follow. No it is a process they can utterly legally within their TOS cut short in favor of the claim.

Comment No. (Score 1) 219

If youtube was taking it as it legal value, yes it would be for a court to decide. But youtube , as a private entity, can STILL decide to accept take down request in spite of the court , and still remove video from their private property. And it is quite clear that youtube has taken this direction, not carring about the takedown requests validity. In fact they could rename it as fluffy-fluff-take-down-request if you prefer and have the same process and no court could tell them what to do.

Comment But not for trademark (Score 1) 219

I am betting that they can still take it down on group of defending their trademark. The way I read it he was using the likeness of the object. And like it or not , the look feel and name are trademark. So it is not as simply as reusing copyrighted material as this is also about trademark to which the copyright laws do not apply. The DMCA was probably used because youtube has only 1 takedown form "copyright" not "trademark".

Comment Local minima (Score 1) 197

Simplified, Natural selection is only about competitive advantage to reproduction and escape predator to come to reproduction age. It is not about the *most* efficient ways to get there, but sometimes simply just be a bit better than the other species. As such, it can simply stay stuck at a local minima if there is no selection pressure. In other word, there is not always a trade off. Sometimes it is simply that there is no selection pressure where this could bring something to the plant reproduction.

Comment Easy way to make election unhackable (Score 1) 454

Have the ballot a paper that you hand down, the person vote, and the other ballot paper are trashed or kept by the eprson. Et voila, you don't even need complex mail psot scheme excpet for those wanting to vote in absentia. Heck, anybody can then recount at will the ballot. Both party they want.

Comment On the contrary (Score 1) 79

That is nearly 8 meter. So you only need to be in proximity doing nothing reading a book while your conspicuously hidden laptop is doing the job, with scripts already prepared is trying. Then once the max dose of insuline is given you can simply safely go. Remember that the effect will not be *immediate* has if it was cyanide administered, the blood sugar will take a bit of time to be absorbed. So yeah. The risk of being charged is actually much lower than you think it is. If nobody catch you red handed with a laptop, then once symptom start to apepar just calmly head for the exit, and wipeout your laptop.

Comment There is wanting reform and being dumb (Score 1) 843

I am wanting a few reform in the economic and politic current environment, but wanting reform does not mean putting a gun to your figurative head and pulling the trigger. I want reform with a good candidate, and doing a protest vote with an utterly disturbing populist candidate like trump is then being an utter imbecile.

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