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Submission + - A modest proposal regarding Edward Snowden

tlambert writes: Prior to leaving for Hong Kong, Edward Snowden was a resident of Hawaii. He's technically still. Brian Schatz is currently a U.S. senator for Hawaii; he was appointed to that position in 2012, after the death of U.S. senator Daniel Inouye. He was confirmed in a special election in 2014 to serve out the remainder of that term, which is up in 2016. Which means there's a senate seat opening up in 2016 in Edward Snowden's home state. So... who wants to be campaign manager? Can you elect someone who is only telepresent throughout the campaign?

Submission + - Xandros becomes a business distribution over-night (

JeremyGNJ writes: I might be jumping the gun here, but it seems like there's some news that will have thousands of IT managers considering Xandros as a business distribution, nearly over-night. Apparently they have licensed Microsoft Exchange protocols from Microsoft as part of their newly formed partnership with Microsoft.

When I first spotted this, I assumed that they licensed the Outlook-Exchange protocol for the purpose of making a "native" exchange client....which would have been huge news. This is so much bigger. Microsoft allowing another company to use their Exchange protocol on the server-side is not something I ever expected to see happen. Most people know how critical MS Exchange is in many large corporations. This creates the prospect of an alternative...even a migration path, away from Exchange.


Submission + - Ubuntu Servers HACKED! (

Anonymous Coward writes: "Ubuntu had to shutdown 5 of 8 production servers that are sponsored by Canonical, when they started attacking other systems. Canonical blames the community, saying they were community hosted, and were poorly maintained. However, kernel upgrades couldn't be done because of poor backwards compatibility with the very hardware that Canonical had sponsored! While people point fingers at each other it is pretty clear that both sides are equally to blame, the community administrators for practicing bad security practices, such as using unencrypted FTP transfers with accounts, not properly maintaining the system. However Canonical should have been well aware of what they are hosting. The question remains, if any of the files distributed to users have been compromised. A major blow for Canonical though who are attempting to enter the business market with Ubuntu Server."

Submission + - Scientists Discover New Link in Ocean Currents (

an.echte.trilingue writes: CNN is running a story about the discovery of one of the last ocean currents near Tasmania. From the article:

New research shows that a current sweeping past Australia's southern island of Tasmania toward the South Atlantic is a previously undetected part of the world climate system's engine-room, said scientist Ken Ridgway.

The Southern Ocean, which swirls around Antarctica, has been identified in recent years as the main lung of global climate, absorbing a third of all carbon dioxide taken in by the world's oceans.


Submission + - 3D Animations in Mid-Air Using Plasma Balls (

An anonymous reader writes: Japanese boffins are now making animations by creating small plasma balls in mid-air. The technology doesn't use vapor or strange gases, just lasers to heat up oxygen and nitrogen molecules: up to 1,000 brilliant dots per second, which makes smooth motion possible. They could be used as street signs, advertising or to create giant plasma monsters to destroy entire cities. Maybe.

Submission + - Drugs Made in Salt Water Instead of Toxic Solvents

KimmyKells writes: Drugs are usually made by organic chemists. Often, they work like dogs for months or years to develop a somewhat inefficient method for large-scale production of the drug. The process may have a dozen laborious steps and require gallons of toxic chemicals. Scientists at Harvard have made the anticancer chemical Terrequinone A and reseachers at the Scripps Institute have made the antimicrobial agent Enterocin by using only enzymes in salt water. As advancements in systems biology allow researchers to rapidly identify every molecule that is involved in the natural production of a chemical, this new method could become the main way to produce drugs that are found in nature.

Submission + - Xen Concern -- Did anyone notice?

Pallem writes: Did anyone else notice the switch over of large sections of the Xen site to M$ IIS servers this weekend? I probably would not have noticed myself if I didn't have all M$ and akamai IPs blocked. I first noticed it on the mailing lists. There were no style sheets (at Also found that if you select "Download" from the main Xen page, you get redirected (page moved) to a M$ created page with limited options. You get about the same results if you try to go to XenSource. Fortunately I had a few deep links to use to navigate to what I wanted (like the repositories). They had completely botched moving the mailings lists and so moved them back Monday.


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