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Submission + - Will App Development Weaken From 'BubbleBall'? (

adosch writes: Having such wide-spread publicity from an iTunes application release such as 'BubbleBall' is definitely nothing new, but what about the learning about the facts behind the development? Although the fascination of an 8th grader developing an app was mighty intriguing, but knowing he authored it using pre-canned mobile application development frameworks, like Corona begs the question, "Has application and software development started to lose it's magnitude in today's technology world?" I do applaud the youngster's efforts and determination, but what does this mean for the future of software development and fundamentals?

Submission + - What is on that Perf board in US explosive package 1

adosch writes: CNN reports that, "Suspicious packages found in at least two locations abroad that were bound for the United States "apparently contain explosive material," President Barack Obama said Friday, calling the discovery "a credible threat against our country." In the apparent article, there are very close-up photography taken of the supposed circuit board and explosive material that accompanied the package, with what appears to be a possible cellular and GPS microcontroller driven devices. What are your speculations?

Submission + - How to find your lost cellphone? 1

adosch writes: By pure human stupidity, I accidentally left my phone on a table in a well-known restaurant in a bigger airport. Within 10 minutes of it being out of my possession, and minutes before my flight was going to take off without me, I was granted permission by the plane personnel to go back to look for my phone quickly since the restaurant was right by our gate. My table was quickly occupied by another person, so I asked them along with the the waitress, bus boy and manager if anyone had picked up the phone or saw one. All the answers were no.

Now that I have landed at home, I have called my phone several times and it will ring fully until it hits my voice mail. What is surprising, is my phone dialed back the phone I was calling from but no one would saying anything. My question to the community is, since I'm operating in such a short window of opportunity, what is the best way to try and get my phone back or track it down? It's an LG Env Touch. I'm a technical savvy guy, but never power-used my phone other than calling or text messaging.

Submission + - Google: War-driving since 2007 (

adosch writes: "Google Inc. said an internal investigation has discovered that the roving vans the company uses to create its online mapping services were mistakenly collecting data about websites people were visiting over wireless networks." In Google's own defense, they replied, "It's now clear that we have been mistakenly collecting samples of payload data from open (i.e. non-password-protected) Wi-Fi networks, even though we never used that data in any Google products." Google said it has been "mistakenly" collecting and keeping the data since around 2007. Was this the method behind the madness of 'Streetview' all along?

Submission + - Asus launches 100% recyclable laptops (

mr_sifter writes: Asus showed off a series of new laptops in Taipei yesterday, featuring chassis designs that are predominantly made from bamboo. The whole machine is 100 per cent recyclable, and after forming the bamboo parts first, 75 per cent less plastic is used in the injection moulding manufacturing process. Bamboo has other advantages over plastic and metal laptop chassis too — it's pleasant to the touch, isn't cold or heavy and doesn't pick-up finger and palm prints either.

Submission + - Data Centers and Earthquakes (

miller60 writes: Yesterday's magnitude 7.2 earthquake in Baja California was felt in large portions of Southern California. If your facility needs to be in an earthquake zone, how do you earthquake-proof your data center? Some companies use seismic isolation systems that allow racks to glide when the ground shakes, while some facilities use base isolation systems to protect an entire facility. What kind of strategies have Slashdot users seen for preparing data centers for earthquakes?

Submission + - Cybercrooks Surpassed Old School Bankrobbers in 09 (

krebsonsecurity writes: Organized cyber criminal gangs stole $25 million in the 3rd quarter alone last year, by pilfering the online bank accounts of small to midsized businesses, the FDIC reported last week. In contrast, traditional bank robbers hauled just $9.4 million in 1,184 bank robberies during that same period, according to an analysis of FBI bank crime statistics by From that story: "The federal government sure publishes a lot more information about physical bank robberies that it makes available about online stick-ups. Indeed, the FBI’s bank crime stats are extraordinarily detailed. For example, they can tell you that in the 3rd quarter of last year, bank robbers were more likely to hold up their local branch between the hours of 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. on a Wednesday than at any other time or day of the week; they can tell you the number of tear gas and dye packs taken with the loot, the number of security cameras activated, the number of food stamps taken, even what percentage of suspected perpetrators had illegal drug habits at the time of the robberies. About the only thing the stats don’t tell you is what brand of jeans the perpetrators were wearing and whether the getaway car had cool vanity plates. What do we get about e-crime statistics from the federal government? One guy from the FDIC giving a speech at the RSA conference.
The Internet

Submission + - Dot-com craze peaked 10 years ago this week (

netbuzz writes: When the NASDAQ stock index hit its all-time high of 5,133 on March 10, 2000, it had more than doubled in a year and the dot-com bubble was already leaking in a big way. A week later the NASDAQ had fallen 9 percent. A year later all of those NASDAQ gains were gone and then some, as well as such poster children of the era as, Kozmo and – who could forget? – Whoopi’s Flooz. Here’s a look back.

Submission + - Whitelist Hash Database Available Online (

An anonymous reader writes: The SANS Internet Storm Center mad an online copy of the NIST hash database available. So far, you had to download (or order) the entire database on 3 CD-ROMs. But with the Internet Storm Center's online search of the database, you can check an individual file quickly to see if it is "valid" ( The database includes about 39 Million hashes of various files collected by NIST. The database includes commercial as well as open source software like many Linux distributions. The Internet Storm Center is looking for help to extend the database beyond the scope of what is provided by NIST.

Submission + - Firefox 3.6 Taken Offline 4

nateman1352 writes: Over at the Firefox 3.6 download link has been replaced by a link to Firefox 3.5.7. Moreover attempting to download the file directly from results in error 550 (Permission Denied.) What gives Mozilla?

Submission + - Amazon Opens Kindle to App Developers (

bizwriter writes: Amazon has just announced that it's opening the Kindle for programming and effectively turning it into an app platform. A beta SDK will be available next month. Programs smaller than 10MB will be downloaded via the Kindle's wireless connection. Users will have to download larger ones over an Internet connection to a computer and then transfer to program to the Kindle. There will be some flexibility in how developers charge — one time fees or subscriptions — with Amazon getting a 30 percent cut.

Submission + - Best tool for managing your bookmarks? 3

next_exit writes: Almost every day, I use my home computer, my laptop, a university computer and my work computer. Over the last few years, I have compiled quite a list of bookmarks on each of the different machines. I am having a harder time remembering on which list or computer I have a bookmark saved. It would be nice to be able to have one location where my bookmarks are. Possibly with the ability to categorize them? Or a way to synchronize the different computers. To slightly mis-quote StonyCreekBare in his question on 'Best tool for remembering passwords', What does the Slashdot crowd like in "bookmark manager" tools?

Submission + - Gmail dropping incoming emails for last 4 days.

FrozenSailor writes: I've been seeing email arriving up to 12 hours late or not at all for the past 4 days. The chat panel isn't working, nor do I see any of my contacts in my jabber client. The Gmail Inbox says "Temporarily unable to access your contacts". Seems to be a growing issue but no response from Google.

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