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Submission + - Hobbyist Turns Nintendo 64 Console into Nintendo Switch Dock (

adosch writes: Polygon reports, a Reddit user "modified a broken Nintendo 64 and transformed it into a functioning Switch dock." The modder, who goes by the handle 'Tettzan Zone', has "been keeping fellow Switch fans updated on his adventures in console customization on Reddit, sharing the steps he took to making the entire Nintendo 64 workable as a dock." The original post about full mod details can be found here.

Submission + - Fancy lottery scratch offs hacked

Yoik writes: In the new Feb Wired hardcopy mag, there is an article aboutMohan Srivastava's discovery of how to hack the visible print on certain lottery tickets. The algorithm tells you with high probability if it is a winner.

This isn't really new, his discovery is over 6 years old according to CBC:

But the wired article seems to give enough info to write an app. Point your cellphone at a lottery ticket and tell if it is a winner before you buy it.


Submission + - Tracking people via implanted RFID chips (

ectotherm writes: RFID tags are not just for pets anymore. According to this article, futurists think that someday we will all be track-able via RFID. The government of Mexico has already surgically implanted the chips in the upper arms of staff at the attorney general's office in Mexico City. Big Brother, line one...

Submission + - "Delete Facebook account" is trending on Google (

An anonymous reader writes: Could growing concerns in privacy and safety issues on Facebook be resonating with a growing portion of the social networking site's userbase?

The latest data from Google Trends would suggest it is, as "Delete Facebook account" is currently the ninth hottest search in the USA. This is believed to be the first time that the phrase has ever appeared high enough in Google search terms to make an appearance in their trends chart.

Security researchers at Sophos comment that in light of this, "Facebook's bosses might be wise to rethink some of their policies, and make their users' privacy and safety online their prime responsibility."

The firm is also running an online poll asking users if they privacy concerns will make them quit Facebook.


Submission + - Acer to launch Chrome OS netbook next month (

Barence writes: Acer is preparing to launch devices based on Google's Chrome OS at next month's Computex trade show, according to reports. Multiple sources have apparently told VentureBeat that the company will show off devices at the Taipei show at the beginning of June. It doesn't specify what the devices are, although given that Chrome OS is primarily designed for low-powered laptops and Acer's status as the world's second biggest PC maker, it seems inconceivable that the devices won't be netbooks. Meanwhile, Google is considering implementing a Coverflow interface into Chrome OS. One design adheres fairly closely to Apple's template, and allows users to flip through applications and web pages with "hotkeys and swiping gestures". Favicons will be displayed beneath the pages, allowing users to click these and head straight to the application.

Submission + - Critical flaw found in virtually all AV software ( 1

Securityemo writes: "The Register is running an article about a new method to bypass antivirus software, discovered by Maltousec. By sending benign code to the antivirus driver hooks, and switching it out for malicious code at the last moment, the antivirus can be completely bypassed. This attack is apparently much more reliable on multi-core systems. Link to original article here."

Submission + - An Interview With Metasploit's HD Moore (

Trailrunner7 writes: In the seven years since its debut, the Metasploit Framework has become the most popular and best known exploit framework in the industry. HD Moore, the project's founder, says that the framework is still growing by leaps and bounds and says that the current focus on exploit mitigations such as DEP and ASLR has made exploitation much more difficult, but not impossible for smart attackers.

Submission + - Verizon Wireless Releases Android 2.1

beeshman writes: Took a peek at my screen at around 8:15EST and was pleasantly surprised to see the Android 2.1 update available for my Droid. Update went quick. Now the browser support 2-finger gestures and the gallery has been updated. Looks pretty cool so far!

Submission + - HTC Google Phones Preinstalled with Malware (

Trailrunner7 writes: Security researchers have found that Vodafone, one of the world's larger wireless providers, is distributing some HTC phones with malware pre-installed on them. The phone, the HTC Magic, runs the Google Android mobile operating system, and is one of the more popular handsets right now. A researcher at Panda Software received one of the handsets recently, and upon attaching it to her PC, found that the phone was pre-loaded with the Mariposa bot client. Mariposa has been in the news of late thanks to some arrests connected to the operation of the botnet.

Submission + - HP’s Windows 7 Slate Strikes at the iPad (

suraj.sun writes: CNET News:

Just hours after Apple revealed the first iPad commercial, HP has followed with a pair of video demos showing off its own touch-screen tablet, the Slate.

The first video, embedded below, feels remarkably similar to Apple's own ad, just sped up and with backing music that's a little harder-edged than Apple's usual choice of cutesy indie pop. Like the iPad as well as iPhone and iPod Touch ads, the demo features just the screen and a pair of hands swiping and pressing the Slate's screen.


“With this slate product, you’re getting a full web browsing experience in the palm of your hand,” posted Phil McKinney, vice president and chief technology officer for HP’s personal system group on the company’s blog ( ). “No watered-down internet, no sacrifices.”


HP Slate:

Adobe Demos Flash on HP Slate:


Submission + - Caltech makes flexible, 86% efficent solar arrays ( 1

strredwolf writes: Caltech has released a flexible solar array that converts 95% of single-wavelength incandescent light and 86% of all sunlight into electricity. Instead of being flat-panel, they stand thin silicon wires in a plastic substrate that scatters the light onto them. The total composition is 98% plastic, 2% wire — the amount of silicon used is 1/50th that of ordinary panels. So as soon as they can get these into market, solar will be very viable and cheap to produce.

Submission + - South Dakota moves to outlaw global warming (

An anonymous reader writes: Global warming deniers convinced the South Dakota House of Representatives to pass a bill calling for "balanced teaching of global warming in public schools." Specifically, the bill urges teachers to recognize the "variety of climatological, meteorological, astrological, thermological, cosmological, and ecological dynamics that can effect [sic] world weather phenomena", and declares that "global warming is a scientific theory rather than a proven fact". You read that correctly: they want science teachers to consider astrology as it relates to climate science.

Submission + - TechCrunch Hacked (

somanyrobots writes: "As some people noticed, at approximately 10:30 pm PST on Monday evening the main site in the TechCrunch Network – – was hacked and redirected. The site was back up briefly at 11:30 pm but shortly went down again. As of 2:00 am, the site is back up and appears to be stable."

Submission + - US bans truckers, bus drivers from texting (

suraj.sun writes: The government Tuesday formally barred truckers and bus drivers from sending text messages while behind the wheel, putting the federal imprimatur on a prohibition embraced by many large trucking and transportation companies.

"We want the drivers of big rigs and buses and those who share the roads with them to be safe," said U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood. "This is an important safety step, and we will be taking more to eliminate the threat of distracted driving ( )."

LaHood has made the effort to curtail driver distractions a centerpiece of his tenure as the nation's top transportation official. Some saw his announcement as a step that might ultimately fuel a push to ban cellphone use by all drivers.

LaHood's announcement followed a study released in July ( ) by Virginia Tech's Transportation Institute that found that when truckers text, they are 23 times more likely to be involved in a crash or near miss.

Washington Post :

Distracted Driving :

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