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Submission + - Pirate Party's North American Debut (

adonoman writes: A 25-year-old Winnipeg businessman is the first Pirate Party of Canada candidate to run for federal election. Running on a limited budget, he tested out Canada's fair use laws by remixing existing signage. At the same time, the US and UK pirate parties have put out an open letter to Anonymous requesting that they cease Operation Payback's DDOS attacks and focus on taking a legal route to fix intellectual property law.

Submission + - Canadian Government brands copyright bill opponent (

adonoman writes: The Canadian heritage minister is now comparing everyone opposed to Canada's upcoming DMCA law to terrorists. James Moore says, "the only people who are opposed to this legislation are really two groups of radical extremists." In a comment clearly directed at copyright expert Michael Geist he wants to "make sure that those voices who try to find technical, non-sensical, fear-mongering reasons to oppose copyright reform are confronted every step of the way and they are defeated."

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