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Comment More than just effectiveness (Score 5, Informative) 230

I am an epileptologist, and I would certainly love to see more effective anti-seizure drugs on the market. But although the newer anticonvulsants aren't necessarily better at stopping seizures than older ones (like the classic four: phenytoin, carbamazepine, phenobarbital, and valproic acid), they are better tolerated, have fewer severe adverse effects, have much more predictable serum concentrations, fewer drug-drug interactions, and require little to no routine bloodwork monitoring. For the 1% of the population suffering from epilepsy who have to take these drugs on a regular basis, this has been a significant change.

Comment Re:maybe used trenchant insights a wee bit earlier (Score 1) 196

Yeah, sure, okay.

It was brave. It took guts. I wish he had just a little more bravery and a little more guts and as much oomph as it took when he held his only-a-little-powerful position. Because now he holds a no-powerful position, vis-a-vis the question at hand. People seeing the light only after they've led horrible organizations do not interest me all that much. Unless it's a prelude to leading a bigger, badder organization to undo the damage.

Comment Changing clinical practice for copyright? (Score 1) 116

I am a neurologist. During training, an MMSE was basically a required component of a history and physical exam of any patient with cognitive complaints. It has its limits, but within them it is very useful.

It's pretty hard to believe that a collection of cognitive tests, almost all of which can be and are used separately in a more customized examination of the patient's sensorium, can be so creative as to be copyrighted.

The idea that the Sweet 16 could infringe because it contains "orienation" and "memory recall" items similar to the MMSE is absurd; questions about orientation and immediate/delayed recall are standard with or without the MMSE.

This is absolutely infuriating from a clinical perspective.

Comment Shut up and take my money (Score 4, Insightful) 240

All I want--far, far more than Netflix or Rhapsody--is to be able to give somebody money on a monthly basis to have access to nearly every book in every library in the world. Just somebody make this easy. I don't want to have to think, "Is reading a chapter of this obscure work on Russian formalism worth $0.50?" I just want to fucking click on a link, and read it.

Comment Thank God for variety (Score 1) 729

Been an Ubuntu fan for an awfully long time, and evangelized it onto the hard drive of several relatives and work colleagues. I fucking hate Unity. I'm running Natty right now on "Ubuntu Classic" mode to avoid it; and despite all the wonderful things Canonical has brought to desktop Linux, the silliness of this decision has me thinking of moving my main PC to another distro; I've got Fedora 15, Arch, Gentoo, and a few others waiting in the pipeline.

Submission + - How To Build A Better Media Library (howtobuildabettermedialibrary)

roscoehull24 writes: So much information flows through internet domains that it may be impossible to calculate. Describing the natural development pattern tendencies seems each natural and expansive as it defies any previous prediction in regards to the dimension of the knowledge superhighway. The efficacy at which media codecs have developed from text to audio and video, allowing anybody to create such artifacts, has enlarged not only the sheer quantity of information transferring over the fiber backbones, but also the richness of the data with codecs like video.

Accessing the vaults of knowledge libraries stacked with text documents now include comparable libraries of video documents. As extra vendors begin delivering streaming content material, equivalent to videos-on-demand, the processing capabilities of web hosting options and different processors will proceed to require more highly effective media processor resources.

Subsequent technology media processing harnesses the facility of hardware processing and software program management integrated into a single solution. On processor graphic processing supplies the quickest translation and presentation platform as a high-density media gateway for all media formats. The perfect in school media processors attain performance ranges like the next:

500 Mhz video subsystem
Quad MAC DSP engine
four Channel DMA controller
Enhanced instruction set for video
250 Hertz AMR RISC processor
3 Mb shared memory
33 Mhz PCI (v2.3)

The software aspect of the media course of permits developers to tightly combine purposes to take full benefit of onboard components. An eclipse-based mostly built-in growth environment permits C ++ or assembler growth tools to design highly effective applications.

Profiting from other hardware and software program processing alternatives at decrease levels of the expertise stack embrace the communication processor and network processor.

Instead of fundamental router and switch applied sciences, these stage 2 processing engines allow for segmentation and reassembly of network traffic. Designers and developers can create functions that mix each enterprise requirements for a number of companies and a number of applications.

A wealthy set of development instruments permits full management of the communication and community features of these devices. Upgrades of those processing units turn out to be easier in circumstances where processing speeds enhance supplanting the necessity to replace the entire system, however configurations might be executed so as to add the brand new features.

Because the network and communication processing strikes out of the single operate duties with the introduction of a number of cores and extra power, virtualization of these processors grows out into a fabric. Switching and routing in a fabric of specialised media and communications processors turns into potential to support growth. Manufacturers can leverage such know-how developments to create level-virtualizations for their products, permitting prospects to increase to fulfill progress and demand.

Customized developed processors and software program tools can be found to tailor these parts for present and emerging products that will vastly improve performance, create safe and improved integration and enable media experiences that have been as soon as thought impossible.

How To Build A Better Media Library, Everything You Need to Know to Build a Better Media Library, Everything You Need to Know to Build a Better Media Library


Submission + - What Does IQ Really Measure? ( 2

sciencehabit writes: Kids who score higher on IQ tests will, on average, go on to do better in conventional measures of success in life: academic achievement, economic success, even greater health, and longevity. Is that because they are more intelligent? Not necessarily. New research concludes that IQ scores are partly a measure of how motivated a child is to do well on the test. And harnessing that motivation might be as important to later success as so-called native intelligence.

Submission + - ERP Vendors Get Into Medical Marijuana Business (

jfruhlinger writes: "As medical marijuana is legalized in more and more states, a new market is emerging for ERP applications that can handle this unique business. Many people running medical marijuana dispenseries aren't used to running legitimate businesses and need technical help doing so. In addition, the drug itself is tricky to keep track of; as one vendor puts it, "there's no other product that is sold by weight that evaporates, dehydrates and [turns into] shake,""

Submission + - Stock-holding Nuns Petition for Neutrality (

AndyAndyAndyAndy writes: "An interesting piece at CNN Money details the little-known process major companies go through in order to ignore their shareholders' petitions and proposals. Part of the article examines a few embattled petitions, brushed aside by their corporations via 'no-action' letters granted by the SEC.
One such example detailed the efforts of several Catholic monastaries to convince AT&T to adopt net neutrality policies and practices.

"Net neutrality can greatly affect underserved communities that have limited access to the Internet. We need to alleviate those social inequalities," [the petition's contact person Jonas Kron] said, noting that the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops has published an open letter supporting Net neutrality.

Unfortunately for the nuns and Mike D, the SEC granted a no-action letter on the basis that net neutrality is not "a significant policy issue." Kron called the decision "shocking" and said the group "vigorously disagrees."


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