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Submission + - Homeland Security Dept E-mail Doozy (wordpress.com)

sbrown3820 writes: "The Department of Homeland Security publishes a report Mon-Fri listing news reports affecting areas of critical U.S. infrastructure such as chemical, nuclear, transportation and others. Today, one of the subscribers innocently replied to the distribution email address that he was changing jobs and wanted DHS to update his email address. He didn't realize his message would set off a chain reaction."
User Journal

Journal Journal: Papers Please - Part 2

Michael Righi's preliminary hearing was scheduled for September 20th, but was canceled at the last moment. There is no comment from Mr. Righi on his blog, yet but a Cleveland area newspaper has the story.

Feed Techdirt: Google Can't Figure Out That Its Own Blog Isn't Spam (techdirt.com)

Splogs have been a problem for a while now. Spammers set up sites full of content -- generally stolen from legitimate sites -- in order to grab search traffic and make money from ads or through other means. Blog platform providers don't want to waste resources supporting these sites, so many of them have some form of anti-splog system, including Google's Blogspot platform. But clearly they need more work, since Blogspot's marked an official Google blog as spam (via Infoworld), leading to its disappearance and the takeover of its URL by another blogger. Apparently the system's warning emails to the Google bloggers went unheeded, so after a period of time, the site was automatically taken down, and another blogger swooped in and grabbed the URL. The company realized what happened, and restored the site, but the episode highlights just how poorly anti-spam blog systems tend to work.

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