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Comment Re:It *WAS* a "major platform" (Score 1) 87

Mind you, I hated how their app framework required you to use alternatives to HTML5 standards. You had no browser history/routing (had to fake/polyfill that), and no standard localStorage (have to use proprietary callback based API), and even image loading from http CORS sources is f'ed.

So yeah, Chrome App development was painfully annoying...but they could have resolved that without just dropping the whole engine.

The parallels to Chrome's handling of this and the GOP's handling of the Obamacare replacement are rather impressive.

Comment It *WAS* a "major platform" (Score 1) 87

But then they decided to get rid of their Apps framework and only support extensions (unless you're on Chromebook...and that may go away too if they ever get Android Apps on Chromebook working right).

Now it is just a browser with some annoying security restrictions and a need for a ton of extensions. It isn't an app engine platform in the way it used to be, at least not until they figure out how to support PWAs on desktop.

Firefox is supporting the common extensions framework (though not very well) and PWAs on Android (though not very well - they don't support standalone/fullscreen yet, which is ridiculous), so Chrome's losing some of what made it a platform to target.

Comment Inconsistent codes and rendering killed them. (Score 1) 207

Word would auto-create them. The user would then copy-paste from word into their fav HTML editor. The resultant character codes would then appear as upside-down question-marks on every other browser except IE.

Then fixing them for Firefox caused them to not work in IE.

The "internet" didn't do it: the browser-wars did.

Comment It has a name: Campbell's Law (Score 4, Informative) 110

"The more any quantitative social indicator is used for social decision-making, the more subject it will be to corruption pressures and the more apt it will be to distort and corrupt the social processes it is intended to monitor."

it has impacts in a great many areas, including the test-based teacher and school evaluations.

Comment Re:Bad idea, speaking as a Chromebook user (Score 1) 102

Actually, that's a very good point. It also means that as developers, the only way we can test our apps now is to purchase a chromebook to test on. I can't just test it on my Mac and go "this works" and push it up knowing it'll just work on the chromebook.

Now I would have to build on the mac, send the package over to the chromebook (which I now have to have) and test it there, and repeat ad nauseum for bug fixes, before I can finally push it up.

Chrome app development worked because any normal dev platform could also be your test box. Soon? not so much.

Comment Amazon plans for benefits-free hiring for grads (Score -1) 111

there. fixed it for you.

Seriously, this is insulting. You work through college, you get a professional degree. You should be getting a job with real benefits, not a job that requires you to pay a quarter of your salary to the ACA, no 401K, etc.

Part time work is not a panacea. It is a step backwards, a trend that will treat professional developers with the same respect as a walmart greeter, if not checked.

We as developers deserve better.

Comment Re: Spotify (Score 2) 102

you'd have to look up the details (there's an extension to do that), but one "clue" is whether or not there is a forced nav bar from the window manager on the window. My own app was originally hosted, but at some point Chrome forced it to have the O/S's native drag-bar, which I didn't want. Packaging as a deployed app, as opposed to a hosted one, solved that. It required making other changes to the code around local storage and browser history (two items that Chrome deployed apps disabled, for reasons I still don't respect), but I did it, because the aesthetic quality of having my music player with no "chrome" from the O/S was important to me.

So I'm rather pissed off at Chrome right now for this.

Comment Re:Android runtime for Chrome (Score 1) 102

Yeah, but Android Apps on Chrome on the O/S is a hell of a lot of overhead for a basic HTML5 single-page that you would just rather package and have in an independent window rather than forcing the user to always have to keep a tab open.

I have a Chrome app music player (a client for subsonic), an html5 app that I also serve on the web and deploy on Amazon's Fire OS platform. For a time it was on Firefox as well as an app but they eliminated their "app" capability a year ago.

The problem is that I want this music player to be independent, as most music players are. I don't want to force the user to keep it in a tab, stuck in size to the window of the rest of the browser. I *like* having them be able to open it independently, size it to what they want, etc, just as they would the player if it was native.

Now, with Chrome throwing this away, I am going to have to look at new deployment tech like electron, which adds a huge amount of overhead (though less than running in an Android interpreter) for the same feature set that Chrome was giving me effectively for free.

Comment HTML5 Audio Tag is improved, too (Score 1) 28

With 50 and 51, one could preview the new media by turning on a chrome://flags setting. That setting is now default 'on' instead of off with 52. With html5 audio tag, it fixes a lot of streaming issues with constant bit-rate files (duration wouldn't update, and you'd not get an 'end' event when the song finished, things that worked fine for variable bitrate files), issues that were also in the webview as well. So those web apps that need html5 audio tag will work much better, and phonegap/cordova apps will when the webview for Android goes out, hopefully soon after the browser...

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