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Comment Re:Hyperlinks and Pagerank 101 (Score 1) 139

Of course you'd want the 'useful info from trustworthy source', but that's not a search engine's job (to decide what's 'good' or 'bad' info), is it? Google finds it, you decide what it means.

Successful businesses deliver something that people want. Google and others get this, you don't. You're looking at the scenario from the point of view of an employee who does only what he's obligated to do and nothing more.

Incidentally, I personally *DO* occasionally rely on Google to identify a site's legitimacy even now. In situations where a project/organization/company's domain name is not obvious ( e.g. mplayer), googling their name will generally show the top result as the actual, legit site, instead of perhaps a scammer selling a fake.

Comment Re:Why?? (Score 1) 753

Wrong. It doesn't cost 8 euros per copy. It has a single cost, which isn't increased when you sell more copies ( not even the negligible production cost, b/c this is digital distribution ).

If you arrived at a cost per unit of 8 euros by some division, then when you double the amount of units, your cost per unit halves.


Sumo Wrestler Steals Cash Machine From Moscow Shop 43

timothy writes "Anyone skeevy and devious enough can buy online an ATM skimmer from some underhanded maker of same, but why not cut out the middleman, and just take the cash directly? (Also, if you're going to attempt to stop him, can I have your watch when you are dead?)"

GameStop, Other Retailers Subpoenaed Over Credit Card Information Sharing 117

New York State's Attorney General, Andrew Cuomo, has subpoenaed a number of online retailers, including GameStop, Barnes & Noble, Ticketmaster and Staples, over the way they pass information to marketing firms while processing transactions. MSNBC explains the scenario thus: "You're on the site of a well-known retailer and you make a purchase. As soon as you complete the transaction a pop-up window appears. It offers a discount on your next purchase. Click on the ad and you are automatically redirected to another company's site where you are signed up for a buying club, travel club or credit card protection service. The yearly cost is usually $100 to $145. Here's where things really get smarmy. Even though you did not give that second company any account information, they will bill the credit or debit card number you used to make the original purchase. You didn't have to provide your account number because the 'trusted' retailer gave it to them for a cut of the action." While there is no law preventing this sort of behavior, Cuomo hopes the investigation will pressure these companies to change their ways, or at least inform customers when their information might be shared.

Comment Reproductive "success" is not genetic. (Score 3, Insightful) 411

I think evolutionary change is being stifled by both medicine and civilization. Reproductive "success" is not genetic anymore, its based on social factors. The goal of most humans is no longer to spawn the most progeny.

I come from a small backwoods town and women in these areas (e.g. low income, low education) have more children, and have them at a younger age. ( This is a generalization, no anecdotes please. And no I don't feel like looking up stats, maybe someone else can post some).

Also, regardless of the details, I hope TFA is wrong. Have you seen dwarven females?

The Almighty Buck

Device Protects Day Traders From Emotional Trading 260

Philips Electronics, a Netherlands-based company, has come up with a device designed to protect day traders from emotionally based trading decisions. The Rationalizer measures your galvanic skin response and lets you know when you are under stress. An online trader can then take a "time-out, wind down and re-consider their actions," according to the company. This may have come too late for us, but at least future generations won't have to live through the horror of angry day trading.
Role Playing (Games)

Ultima Online Expansion Sept. 8, WAR Expansion In Near Future 40

IndustryGamers recently spoke with Mythic Entertainment execs about the futures of Ultima Online and Warhammer Online. UO's newest expansion, Stygian Abyss, was recently given a September 8th release date. As for WAR, they say, "... we just finished up a major patch for Warhammer Online and there's a lot of stuff we're thinking about for improving and enhancing the gameplay experience and guaranteeing that the product lives up to the legacy of the Warhammer franchise. You should expect an expansion in the near future." The Overly Positive blog suggests that recent developer interviews have undergone a change in tone, demonstrating a greater willingness to acknowledge the game's flaws and work out ways to correct them.

Comment Re:Dumb. (Score 1) 513

Or they can be complete bullshit.


My credit report with one of the agencies has my name as ... Jr. That's my father ( I'm III). No problem, except I CAN'T change it. I can change other data, phone, address, etc. But the wrong name is permanently attached to my SSN. It specifically states in their FAQ that you cannot change the name on the account for any reason.

I also had unpaid collections that I somehow obtained when I was 15. So they were on there rotting my score for years.

Comment Its not rocket surgery... (Score 5, Insightful) 865

What kind of miracle solution do you want? Its easy...

For a given workday, after N hours work and M hours sleep, is anything left? if yes, make the decision to work out or to fuck off. If not, then wait for your days off and work out hard. Also decrease caloric intake.

There is no other solution (aside from changing work schedule).

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