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Submission + - Surfing Robot Tracks Great White Sharks (

ackthpt writes: A network of fixed buoys and solar powered surfing robots called Wave Gliders are set to track Great White Sharks in the Pacific, off the California coast near San Francisco, between Monterey Bay and Tomales Point.

The self-propelled wave and solar-powered glider is part of a new network of data receivers on fixed buoys will pick up signals from acoustic tags on animals passing within 1,000 feet and transmit the data to a research team on shore, led by Stanford University Marine Sciences Prof. Barbara Block.

Related to the project is "Shark Net," a new iOS app available free of charge at the Apple app store, was created by Dr. Block and her colleagues with developers from TOPP, EarthNC and Gaia GPS to enable a direct, personal connection between the public and wild marine animals and to raise public awareness of the ocean wilderness teeming with life just off North America's West Coast.

Submission + - $6 Trillion in Fake US Treasury Bonds Siezed in Switzerland (

ackthpt writes: If you're going to steal, steal big, right? Italian anti-mafia prosecutors announce seizure of $6 trillion of allegedly fake U.S. Treasury bonds, an amount that's almost half of the U.S.'s public debt. The probe focusing upon money laundering has also include financial dealings alleged to direct money to Nigerian sources to buy plutonium. Sound like a movie plot, yet? $6 Trillion, that's a lot of lettuce.

Submission + - Eolas 906 Patent struck by Tyler, Texas jury (

ackthpt writes: "All that's necessary for the forces of evil to win in the world is for enough good men to do nothing" — Edmund Burke. Sir Tim Berners-Lee did something — he traveled to the courtroom in East Texas to give his testimony on how, if upheld, the Eolas Technologies & University of California patent on Web Interactivity if upheld could prove to be a major threat to the Internet as it's known today. The Jury deliberated only a few hours before invalidating the patent in question. In a victory Tweet Berners-Lee said, "Texas jury agreed Eolas 906 patent invalid. Good thing too!" Google, Amazon, Apple, Adobe and a host of other companies, with representatives present, must have given a Texas-size sigh of relief.

Submission + - The Light Stuff (

ackthpt writes: A team of engineers claims to have created the world's lightest material. Made from a lattice of hollow metallic tubes, the material is less dense than aerogels and metallic foams, yet retains strength due to the small size of the lattice structure. Projected as useful for insullation, batteries electrodes, sound dampening.

Submission + - Salman Rushdie wins name battle with Facebook (

ackthpt writes: Salman Rushdie, no stranger to controversy, is well known throught the world by his middle name, Salman. When the Facebook police suspected the Salman Rushdie on Facebook was a pretender, they closed his account. Salman contacted them with a passport photo as proof of his identity, alas it also showed his actual first name Ahmed, which the reactivated the account with. Unhappy with being stripped of his identity, Salman Rushdie took his case to the twitterverse. Eventually prevailing.

Submission + - Poll - Which Tablet do you want most? (

ackthpt writes: iPad
Samsung Galaxy
Motorola Android 3.0 tablet (Honeycomb)
HP Multitouch
Lenovo Ideapad
I don't want a tablet
You can't make me get a tablet

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