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Submission + - House Judiciary Committee SOPA Hearings Stacked 5 (techdirt.com)

Adrian Lopez writes: "Techdirt reports that 'apparently, the folks behind SOPA are really scared to hear from the opposition. We all expected that the Judiciary Committee hearings wouldn't be a fair fight. In Congress, they rarely are fair fights. But most people expected the typical "three in favor, one against" weighted hearings. That's already childish, but it seems that the Judiciary Committee has decided to take the ridiculousness to new heights. We'd already mentioned last week that the Committee had rejected the request of NetCoalition to take part in the hearings. At the time, we'd heard that the hearings were going to be stacked four-to-one in favor of SOPA. However, the latest report coming out of the Committee is that they're so afraid to actually hear about the real opposition that they've lined up five pro-SOPA speakers and only one "against."'

Demand Progress is running an online petition against such lopsided representation."


Submission + - Does Javascript suck?

allwheat writes: "I've been working on a personal project/webapp (and possible future mobile app) which involves html/css, php, and mysql. But I need some client-side functionality--specifically, I need forms that can be altered client-side before being submitted. So I've begun looking and was thinking about going with Javascript, but then I saw the leaked google email that said everything except Java sucks (http://tech.slashdot.org/story/11/08/02/0757254/email-in-oracle-google-case-will-remain-public). Does that statement include Javascript? Should I be going with Java instead?"

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