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Comment The solution: competitors (Score 3, Interesting) 190

As with any get rich quick scheme, a bunch of copycats will show up doing the same thing only at slightly lower prices. This will solve the problem. How? Well as the copycats compete the prices of these "books" will keep on dropping until profit is minimal, at which point the service offered - nicely bound hard copies of Wiki articles - will actually be worthwhile. With any luck, they'll start bundling the articles into more logical collections too.

Comment Re:Better yet! (Score 1) 139

Yes, much too soon. I enjoy tasteless jokes, but I don't enjoy tasteless jokes.

FTFY. Some people like talking about the issues but keeping it funky; some people are having a hard time understanding this but can relate to it more easily by way of humor. You may not like it, the mods may not like it and I will be modded down, but that's just how I and my friend Anonymous Coward feels.

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