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Comment Re:last summer? ****** SPOILER ********* (Score 1) 139

I haven't seen Avatar yet, but battle for Terra was really good in a way that I doubt Avatar was:

***** SPOILER ALERT for Battle of Terra and Saving Private Ryan (??)*****

The Terrans (aliens) actually have advanced technology, but the Humans still wipe the floor with them after an initial hard fought battle. The swinging trees don't beat the storm troopers on Terra.

The stakes are extinction for both sides, so when characters you've grown to like have to kill each other, you believe their motives. Lots of movies have made me sense the evils of war by showing me its affects on those who fought and those just caught up in it. Battle for Terra is the first I've seen where the evilness hits home during the thrill ride that is on screen sci-fi combat.

There's a scene in "Saving Private Ryan" where a wall collapses. An American squad and a German squad find themselves suddenly face to face with each other. As an action scene, it's as tense as anything on film. But imagine the emotional impact if Spielberg had spent the previous hour getting you to know and like both squads. This is what Battle for Terra achieves and then some.

For what seemed like a kids movie at first, Battle for Terra didn't pull many punches.

*********** end spoiler *************

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