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Comment Re:Times have changed (Score 4, Insightful) 195

Depends on what you call "quality". I assume you are speaking from a first world point of view, regarding nutrition values, calories, fat, salt and whatnot. Sure, ol'McD [sorry] isn't as healthy as a whole-food salad and salmon plate. But compared to street food found in most 3rd world countries, a Big Mac is usually safer.

It's junk food, and will probably kill you, just not from dysenteria.

Comment Re:What a joke (Score 2) 195

Not insightful, a troll at best.

Yeah, EA is a gaming company, that survives by taking money from people in exchange for shitty, overhyped products AND they have a tendency to buy smaller company that used to ship good and great products, only to apply to them the EA quality factor of zero, and basically put them to sleep, repeatedly.

Sure, they don't make tuberculosis medicine or guidance systems for airplanes. But they have hundreds of thousands people working for them at any given rate and those are pretty crappy jobs also. Not counting millions of indirect jobs.

Comment Re:Still abusive (Score 2) 511

That's all fine and well and I don't have any problems with that... provided that system is ONLY activated for multi-player games.

...You just described VAC, buddy. It's only active for a few multiplayer games, IF you connect to a VAC-enabled server. There are even multiplayer game servers that encourage cheating.

Comment Re:Not so Invulnerable now, huh...? (Score 1) 173

Absolutely no contest there, man, although that doesn't mean it does not happen.

Our hospital network just changed from a major XP install to a Seven one, and most clients are running WITH admin priviledges. Hey, that's not a bad thing on my side: I'm just a practicing MD, but I bet my workstation is far safer than everyone else's because I can fix the dumb stuff they did via GPOs.

Comment Re:Not so Invulnerable now, huh...? (Score 1) 173

>Also, last time I inserted any USB into my XP box, it popped up a dialog asking what I should do with it.

Then I have two bad news for you: one, you're not up to date on your security patches, namely disabling autorun from removable drives, and two, you are one social engineering step away from being infected. That's how it starts, you click on an icon that looks like a folder but you're actually running malware.

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