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Submission + - SPAM: No snoring: High-tech solution to sleep apnea

coondoggie writes: What do you get when you combine the smarts of a computer scientist and a doctor of sleep medicine? A cool, less invasive way to figure out if patients have sleep apnea, a common problem that causes a snoring a person to momentarily stop breathing while sleeping.

The new test, known as thermal infrared imaging (TIRI), uses a thermal infrared camera to monitor breathing waveforms and airflow as a patient breathes in and out of his or her nose. The measurements are processed using computer algorithms and produce results that have proved to be as accurate as traditional test for apnea known as a polysomnography.

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Submission + - Man jailed for 17 years for intent to commit crime 3

chrb writes: Wired is reporting that Indiana resident James Daniel has been jailed for 17.5 years for chatroom grooming. The case took an unusual twist when it was discovered that all of the "underage girls" he had been talking to were in fact Secret Service agents, who had no knowledge that other agents were talking to the same man. Despite there being no evidence that Daniel had ever managed to talk to an actual teenage girl, an appellate panel has upheld the conviction based upon the chat logs showing an "intent to commit a crime".

Submission + - Spreading Open Source in Schools: Sugar on a Stick (

griffjon writes: "Sugar on a Stick is the OLPC interface, updated by SugarLabs, to a bootable Fedora 11 that maintains changes on a USB stick. It can run on any computer (after rebooting) or in qemu. Kids got to test-drive Sugar on OLPCs and other networks at a school fair, which is an interesting way for OSS to get a foot in the door in schools where teachers send home MS Word assignments: "[My daughter] brought [her teacher] a USB stick with OOo and an offer on my part to assist in setting up the lab with free software; I didn't hear back, but I didn't hear about Word any more, either.""

Memory Usage of Chrome, Firefox 3.5, et al. 505

An anonymous reader writes "This experiment graphs the memory usage of Chrome and Firefox 3.5 (along with Safari and Opera) over a series of 150 Web page loads using an automated script. Firefox 3.5 shows the lowest memory usage in all categories, including average memory usage, maximum memory usage, and final memory usage. Chrome uses over 1 GB of memory due to its process architecture. Safari 4 and Opera show memory usage degradation over time, while Chrome and Firefox 3.5 are more reliable in freeing memory to the OS." IE 8 was not included "because the author could not find a way to prevent it from opening a new window on each invocation of the command."

Submission + - EFF Busts Illegitimate Subdomain Patent (

eldavojohn writes: "Unlike a lot of community support protection programs, the EFF's Patent Busting Project is starting to bear real fruit instead of just leveling the finger at companies. The USPTO is revoking an illegitimate patent granted in 2004 that sounds like automatically assigning subdomains. Sites like Wordpress, LiveJournal or basically anyone with generated subdomains have been doing this for quite some time. If you have some extra cash, now's the time to pony up a few bucks so the EFF can continue on as one of the few organizations genuinely protecting your interests."

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