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Lenovo Software Update Stealthily Installs Adware 186

An anonymous reader writes "A recent Lenovo automatic software update has the great feature of displaying annoying pop-up ads for Lenovo products. What's worse, it appears that many users are unable to turn the advertisement 'feature' off, subjecting them to pop-ups every couple of hours. Gee guys, a note about your 20% off sale in my e-mail wouldn't have bothered me that much, but you really had to pop up over top of my PowerPoint slides? I'm sure that all of my office colleagues will be running to order ThinkPads ..."

Submission + - The Big Problem With Online Sheet Music (pianostreet.com)

JasonLKS writes: Let's say you're someone who plays an instrument. A pianist, even. Like most citizens of the world, you probably go online. Sure, it's fantastic for checking e-mails, streaming silly videos, and downloading music.

But what about getting onto the internet in a better fashion? Doctors get medical updates. Researchers have the world at their fingertips. Scientists stay abreast in every development in their field. So why should you, a musician, not be given a chance to download the same quality stuff that everyone else gets?

A Smaller Market

Because the world of piano transcriptions is a small market, and only important to a minority of people, its representation online has lagged significantly behind.
It's out-dated. Just as we're downloading music to our iPods, why should piano transcriptions be left out? Shouldn't there at least be a good destination online for piano transcriptions we can trust?

You Thought DRM Was Bad?

If you thought music DRM was out-of-date, you should see some of the pages pushing piano transcriptions.
Some ask you to have a functioning printer, because you will only have one chance to actually print your purchase. If something screws up, tough bones.
Other sites pushing classical music have insanely altering standards when looking at their files. Sometimes you'll buy a PDF, other days a set of JPEGs that don't print cleanly, and at other moments you'll be left with a proprietary file that's of no use to anyone.

Users and Reviews Are Fundamental

The only real way to guarantee the piano transcriptions you're paying for is proper is through the testimony of others. If other budding stars are using the site's transcriptions, and claiming that they are quality, you can download with confidence.
One of the most reliable sheet music portals, PianoStreet.com, has also established a burgeoning online forum community around its digital sheet music sales. In reality, the site was born out of an earlier forum, called pianoforum.net, so the sale of sheet music was something that came naturally, instead of a way to just make some cash from the beginning.

Why Mp3s Are Important For Sheet Music

Who cares about sheet music if you can't figure out what they should be like when played? Yeah, we admit, your piano teacher may play it for you, but if you're self-taught, you'll need to seek out a true recording to hear how it should sound.
A useful sheet music vendor should give you tons of mp3 files of their music, adding reams of value to the actual transcriptions. Sites like PianoStreet.com have loads of their more famous easy/intermediate transcriptions online in mp3 format, the exact ones that every pianist is happy to learn.

Pay Once, Download Forever

While content producers are stalling as much as possible, many acknowledge that the market future is related to subscription models, where you will pay a flat rate and get everything you want.
Portals like PianoStreet.com have taken on this for their business approach, providing monthly memberships that allow you unlimited access to consistently excellent sheet music.

The Best Online Source for Sheet Music

So it's not all terrible. A select few sites, led by PianoStreet.com's contributions, are modifying the way sheet music is being purchased. Forget about the rest and patronize the best

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