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Comment Re:That's not a plan, Stan (Score 1) 237

Its a goal with defined plan how to get there. The prime minister each year write a paper outlining how far off Sweden is from reaching the goal and whats happend in the last year and present it to the parlament. Also in it outline new legislation that will make sure the goal is reached by the end date.

The parlament then can accept of reject the proposals for further changes to make sure Sweden can reach the final goal.

So its not a farfetched goal and its not a very detailed plan but rather a method how to reach the goal by constant improvements on the mechanism how the goal is achieved by a yearly refinement of the plans. Also it involves a clear report of how close or far away from reaching the goal Sweden is each year. .

Comment Windows share in 2015 was 11.7 % (Score 1) 280

and had declined for 4 years. Everything points towards continued decline for Windows sales for 2016. So 2016 will probably be fifth year with declining sales for Windows.

As for Windows - they stopped selling Windows 7 and 8 in 2016 so well of course Windows 10 will continue to increase. Customer can't get anything else in the future.

Android had 54% in 2015. So looks like mobile is the way to go.


Comment Reviewers has not played the game for 100 hours (Score 1) 145

Most reviewers has played the game for a couple of hours. They have not really learned to play the game and get good at it. They do not know, if its has a lasting playability, or if its contains many hidden bugs thats not visible from just trying out the game. The less they play the game, the faster they can send out a review to their subscribers. Cause in this world, it's all about being first to get the views.

So most reviews is about the first few parts of the game. The initial visual effects and how you are introduced to the game. Maybe as long as the first 3rd of the game.

The goal of the publisher/developers of the game is to create hype. So that so many as possible buy the game from start. So they can get back the investments into the game asap. For that, they need good game reviews. Alot of hype to build up press coverage. The game nees to bee mentioned in the press so more people hear about the game.

Many follow the hype. Wants to be the first among their friends who has the new cool game. So they buy into the game and are the first to play it. This does not have to be AAA games from AAA developers, it can also be indie games like "No Mans Sky". Who might be a good and innovative game, but in the end is not maybe all what it was said it should be. That is also true for alot of AAA games. But they sell more since its a big publisher behind it.

Those wanting to be first to review the game or play the game is actually like the people posting "First post" on message forums. They seek to be notorious but noone really likes them for it. What people really want is good review who give a good understanding of the game and its underlaying mechanics. At least if you are a serious gamer who is in it for playing the game and not someone who does it to be in the incrowd and be cool among your friends.

Well, the game makers who take their money for it, love them. Then they go back to the drawin board to make the next AAA title. Actually most developers of games does it for the love of games. For the fun of playing games and making them. It's just so they need the money to pay the bills for the next big game.

Many game don't stand the test of time. Other do. Its hard to know which ones who will unless you play the game for a longer period of time.

Comment Re:Why has it taken [all] this long? (Score 1) 140

Well more or less. Its no broad invalidation thats been done. But the line has moved. So if someone should go to court and try to get it invalidated it might work to get it invalid.

But that cost alot of money. And its not 100% sure that it will work. It depends on the court what they say. So it can also take along time to get it invalidated. The owner of the patent will probably make sure to draw it out so expect several years of patent ligiation.

So people just mostly wait for patent to expire.

Comment Re:Very true (Score 1) 2837

Saying that Clinton could not beat Trump is kinda strange given that it looks like she will do just that.

Clinton looks to win the total vote tally. She just lost some important swing states that gave Trump the electorial win and this the presidency.

This is the second time this happend in recent decades and its the second time a republican become president becaus of it.

Might be good if USA removed the electors and instead just counted the total votes and not made it so that some votes are more important then others.

Comment Re:The only fascinating thing about this story... (Score 1) 99

This is not a patent case. Its a copyright case.

It was not Oracle who open sourced Java. It was Sun.

Oracle later bought Sun. They did not really get any worth from it. So now they use the normal way for those that can't innovate - they sue those that make money and hope they get lucky.

As for Java sucking - thats was mostly Microsofts doing; for having a version that was incompatible with the other versions.

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