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Comment Re:I don't get it. (Score 4, Informative) 73

Yes they use Copy on Write. But they use the hardware bug Rawhammer to flip bites without CoW being triggered.

So its really an escalation of a hardwarebug. So it its not restricted to Linux. Should be able to affect any software running on a multiuser system - regardless of operating system.

Basically any insecure hardware system affected by Rawhammer are not safe to run multiuser software - since it can be used to manipulate the system.

Comment Re:From TFA (Score 1) 323

Yes the CO2 sink works better today.

Higher levels of CO2 also means plants and trees grow more and can thus take up more CO2.
Human activity - using wood for houses and furniture - also act as a CO2 sink.

Sadly we let out more CO2 then we store so the atmosphere CO2 levels has been increasing for along time.

However that also is a hidden challenge since if we manage to get CO2 pollution under control, the sink will become less good and we gonna need to lower our CO2 footprint even further down.

Comment Skunkwork and BYOD (Score 1) 1010

If Hillary Clinton had been a young male programmer who implemented a skunkwork hack to be able to BYOD so he could work more efficiently and not have to use the IT departments bad solution.

People here would utter praise.

Now she is getting alot of slack for doing what any respectable programmer would do, if forced to use bad software from the IT department.

Come one people stand up against the man who forces people to use bad equipment and software.

Comment Re:Q n A (Score 4, Interesting) 141

This is the games currently played on steam:
Current Max today
646,219 1,099,697 Dota 2
525,059 535,298 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
71,194 71,655 ARK: Survival Evolved
70,252 70,252 Sid Meier's Civilization V
65,985 66,079 Football Manager 2016
62,039 64,762 Team Fortress 2
57,520 57,795 Garry's Mod
54,727 55,830 Rocket League
54,280 60,794 Grand Theft Auto V
45,628 45,628 Arma 3

Only the last 3 games is not availble for Linux. Top-7 of those games are available for Linux gamers.
So most of the game you call top-tiered are not among the most played games.
  And the gamers today play alot of a bit older and more popular games.

Comment Re:Good for them (Score 3, Insightful) 1592

Well they got cheap loans and noone said no since it was in euro and the consensus was that the whole EU stood behind the euro so loans to goverment was safe.

Had Greece had their own currency, they would never have gotten so many loans and thus the mistake would not had happend.

The sadest part is that Greece only was accepted into the euro by "creative" bookkeeping. They should never have been let in. But the leaders of EU wanted so many as possible members nations to join the Euro that even greece managed to squeze in. If the rules to join had been more clear the greece tragegy would never had happen.

It could have been avoided if EU had insisted on sound economy to join the Euro.

Comment Re:Apple killed Finland. (Score 1) 161

No Elon killed Nokia. The decision to go to microsofts for operating system and not go for Android was a huge mistake.

Nokia had a strong trademark and could have become the #1 player in the Android market. And thus keept on as the #1 mobile phone seller. After the 2011 letter to the employers, noone took Nokia seriously and their market share plumbered.

Comment Bullocks! (Score 4, Informative) 357

Never read such a stupid article. If oracle has won; alot of open source projects had been dead in the USA. In EU they had lived on since there APIs are not copyrightable because of interoperability.

Now they can continue to live even in the US.

As for the point that this makes it possible for people to steal open source code. It wont. Since it's always been possible to take open source code and reimplement it as closed code. Its never been forbidden before and thus this won't change that. APIs has never been seen as protected by the software industry before and its a sad state that USA has changed that.

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