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Submission + - Mission Accomplished on Riskiest Spacewalk (

Tech.Luver writes: "A spacewalking astronaut fixed a ripped solar energy panel on the international space station Saturday in a difficult and dangerous emergency procedure that allowed the crew to extend the wing to its full length. Spacewalker Scott Parazynski installed homemade braces on the torn wing and clipped the snarled wires that had ripped it in two places as it was being unfurled Tuesday. He then watched as the crew deployed the wing to its full 115-foot length. Astronauts inside slowly extended the wing, watching closely for more problems. The wing was about three-quarters unfurled when the crew noticed the damage on Tuesday. "Excellent work, guys, excellent," space station commander Peggy A. Whitson said after the tense ( )"

Submission + - Apple and the RIAA, ringtones

pilsner.urquell writes: Apples own interests to defend the rights of consumer has cost them a lot of grief in the ringtone market.

Ask Not For Whom the Ring Tones.
Writing about Apples iTunes ringtones, John Gruber of the Daring Fireball cited Engadget, which reported that the RIAA wanted to be able to distribute ringtones of its artists without having to pay them big money to do so (surprised?), and it won a decision last year before the Copyright Office saying that ringtones werent derivative works, meaning they didnt infringe on the copyright of the songwriter.
Just a continuation of just how evil that RIAA really is.

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