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Comment Re:Ummm... (Score 2) 42

Wow, I have heard of not reading the article (that is par for the course!), but not even reading the summary?

Whereas Netflix and Spotify can deliver high quality streams to users in North America and Europe with superfast fixed and 4G connections, 50 percent of Bozza's traffic comes from feature phones.

The people who wish to access these services don't have devices that are compatible or have very limited network speeds which aren't sufficient. Bozza is targeting this gap in the market and using various methods to make content available to these basic devices.

Comment Re:Expected lifetime 3 years. (Score 4, Interesting) 129

And this is why I never bothered with a SmartTV. Aside from the HD TV tuner, I prefer my TV to be just a monitor. Give me ports and let me plug in other devices which provide smart functionality like a Raspberry Pi or Chromecast or console, etc.

I watch YouTube on my TV. Find the video via the Android App, share it with the Kodi remote app and it starts playing on my TV. Easy.

Comment Re:LEGO (Score 1) 209

My LEGO went to my nephews so I have been rebuilding the collection. Been mainly buying Creator and City sets as they have lots of more "generic" pieces in them. Have a decent amount now and my little 3 year old loves playing (under close supervision) with the cars, planes, caravan, houses, RV etc from the City series. While she isn't at the stage where she can assemble them yet she does get an immense amount of joy playing with the assembled models.

Comment Dropbox use AWS (Score 5, Interesting) 275

Amazon have never chased the consumer business, they don't want that. Their focus is fixed on supplying IT services which companies can then build their solutions on. Dropbox is powered by AWS, they are the wholesale provider.

Amazon reducing their prices should only be a good thing for them as that will reduce the operating costs of Dropbox.

Comment Re:Can someone explain... (Score 2) 159

Just because a patent is granted doesn't mean it is valid, it just means you have paid some fees to register your "innovation". Unfortunately, the patent offices get a lot of applications and have been working in "rubber stamp" mode for quite a while. You put your application in, pay your fees and get a rubber stamp on it. Done. There is no real review of the validity of the patent anymore, that stuff just took to long.

The patent office's approach is to approve almost everything and let the lawyers, judges and courts sort out what is valid or not.

Comment Re:Drill-charger (Score 1) 398

We have similar with our camper trailer which has a 60 litre tank fitted (nowhere close to 100 gallons!!). One real plus is the LPG fridge we have plus 2 x 9kg bottles. Those can keep our fridge/freezer going for around 5 weeks. Add to that our deep cycle battery and our 4.5kg LPG bottle for the camp stove and we are set.

If the fertilizer hits the ventilator I will grab our archery gear (2 x compound bows, 1 x recurve and good range of arrows including broad heads) pack the trailer and off we go. Just hope the kangaroo sits still long enough so I might actually have a chance of hitting the bloody thing.

Comment Browser support by sites (Score 1) 299

I use Chrome and still come across some sites which have really stupid browser support. The site will support Firefox and Internet Explorer but somehow manages to not support Chrome and doesn't function at all (eg. Microsoft Online Services Admin Centre). It is also annoying when sites use Browser detection and say they only support IE, Firefox or Safari. Stupid!

Comment Membership? (Score 2) 257

Can they really claim someone is a "member" of the site if that person hasn't even heard of the site before?

If they decide to do this there should be some marker on that profile to say it has been created from public information obtained without that person's consent or knowledge.

There also needs to be some way to allow you to verify your identity and take ownership of the profile they have setup for you which should include the option to remove your profile.

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