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The Military

Submission + - SPAM: Military wants protection from laser weapons

coondoggie writes: The US military, one of the world’s largest developers of laser-based weapons is looking to develop technology that protects its own systems from the same weapons. The Office of Naval Research (ONR) today put out a call for “Counter Directed Energy Weapon Research” that could diminish the laser weapon threat to ship, sub, aviation and and/or weapon systems. The lab said the primary focus of this effort is to research and educational opportunities where these broad scientific principles evolve from laboratory testing or applications and where low technical readiness exists, or no capabilities exist.
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Submission + - Need Your PC On A Stick? ( 1

drummerXander17 writes: It's also trying to make employees more productive at home, recognizing that 9 to 5 doesn't fit a global business. It's testing something it calls "GM online," or "desktop on a stick." It's a virtual PC environment on a USB drive that, when used with a home PC connected to the Internet, will give employees their full Windows 7-based GM desktop, with security settings and VPN. It will save employees from having to lug their PCs home at night, let the company issue fewer laptops, and cut the pain of loss or theft. "Someone steals a 1-gig stick that's encrypted, we kill it and go buy a new one for $15," Kline says.

Submission + - Tracking outcomes and adjusting care (

rohitm918 writes: Interesting NYT story on possibilities of evidence-based medicine:
"To enter mainstream use, any such treatment typically needs to clear a high bar. It will be subject to randomized trials, statistical-significance tests, the peer-review process of academic journals and the scrutiny of government regulators. Yet once a treatment enters the mainstream — once we know whether it works in certain situations — science is largely left behind. The next questions — when to use it and on which patients — become matters of judgment, not measurement. The decision is, once again, left to a doctor’s informed intuition."

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