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Comment informed decisions? (Score 4, Insightful) 272

Not being from Europe, and also having no intention to use Windows 7 any time in the near future, I haven't seen this "choice screen" until I just searched for a screen shot of it. There appear to be little one-line descriptions, but nothing really substantive from which to base a choice upon if you didn't already know the differences between the browsers to some degree anyway (in which case, you'd have probably downloaded whichever one you want to use separately regardless of this court-mandated action). So, to my question: is there any way to measure how many of these downloads were due to users making an informed choice rather than just "clicking something" like they do with the "next" button on most graphical installers? And what happens if you just click "select later?" Does it still install IE and default to that?

Comment Re:pardon my ignorance (Score 1) 263

actually we do get a say... if you want this, start a lab. charge very high fees to cover the cost of testing any sample sent in against your database. if you're a coroner and you have a mutilated unknown body and know of this lab that provides this free service, are you going to withhold the sample on privacy concerns? to protect who's privacy? to save time? it's your job. to save money? it's free. if it catches on, there might be many different labs... the coroner isn't going to send out a ton of samples, so the labs will have to partner with each other and share data and let the market sort out absorption. there is no need for this service in government.

Comment What a load of tosh. (Score 1) 467

Lots of people gamble as a pastime, in a way akin to going to the cinema. for the small adrenaline rush you get by doing something out of the mundane where you could actually win a bit of money if you are lucky.

Most people that gamble know that they will lose and the house will win, but the element of uncertainty is enough to make it a pleasurable pursuit.

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