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The Internet

Submission + - Can Net Neutrality Be Legislated Locally? (

newscloud writes: It's nice that the current FCC supports Net Neutrality, but what's to prevent a future administration from pursuing a path more like Republican Rep. Marcia Blackburn's Real Stimulus Act of 2009, that would prohibit the FCC from "needlessly imposing regulations [sic] on the Internet". Tomorrow, Spokane, Washington votes on Proposition 4, a community Bill of Rights which sets up an enforceable legal framework that city government and corporations must abide by, including the right to affordable preventive healthcare, the right for residents to determine the future of their neighborhoods, the right to employer neutrality when unionizing, and the right to constitutional protections within the workplace. As more cities contemplate similar efforts, should online rights such as net neutrality be part of the discussion?

Submission + - Why AT&T killed Google Voice

ZuchinniOne writes: "The Wall Street Journal has a very interesting article about the likely reasons that AT&T and Apple killed the Google Voice application."

"With Google Voice, you have one Google phone number that callers use to reach you, and you pick up whichever phone--office, home or cellular--rings. You can screen calls, listen in before answering, record calls, read transcripts of your voicemails, and do free conference calls. Domestic calls and texting are free, and international calls to Europe are two cents a minute. In other words, a unified voice system, something a real phone company should have offered years ago."

They also go on to discuss why it would be a good thing to "Transition away from "owning" airwaves" and "End municipal exclusivity deals for cable companies" and how all of this would likely strengthen Net Neutrality through a competitive marketplace that anyone could enter.

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