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Comment Re:What, is Google new or something? (Score 2) 179

>All that will happen is that one second your computer will think it's on time, and a couple seconds later your computer will think that it's a second behind and correct itself against the NTP server.

The problem here is that not all systems adjust at the same rate. So once all the systems are a second off, they will all be slightly out of sync with each other as they skew their clocks until they're all correct again.

For us, clocks being under a second out of sync is not a big deal. But for software that has to be well synchronized between hosts, it's a huge deal. So it's better to do it Google's way to keep their infrastructure working reliably.

Comment Re:can we now get some throttling for netflix? (Score 2) 105

Bwahahhaa, great analogy.

On a side note, my mother bought a TiVo recently to watch broadcast TV. She thinks it's the most amazing thing ever. I helped her set it up and it's funny how little TiVo has changed in over a decade.

And she watches Netflix and HBO Now too, so it's not like she doesn't do things the modern way as well. There's just too much stuff on broadcast TV she still watches and the TiVo is like God Mode for that.

Comment Sometimes a company does one thing well. (Score 1) 94

When a company does one thing really, really well, they should probably stick to that. GoPros really are the best action cameras around. That's what they're known for. If the company owner wanted to start a side business creating original entertainment content that's fine, but it shouldn't have been under the GoPro name, or connected directly to the company.

Comment Re:can we now get some throttling for netflix? (Score 5, Interesting) 105

Yes, THIS.

It's a shame because most streaming devices like the Apple TV and Roku and such have several gigabytes of local flash memory they could use for caching, but apps like Netflix and HBO Now don't make much use of it.

When you hit "play" it should start downloading video as fast as your connection can carry, and cache as much of it as there is available free space. If properly implemented, with a fast connection you should be able to unplug the network 15 minutes into your show and be able to watch the rest of the episode without issue.

Not only will performance improve, but keeping the episode cached will greatly improve the performance of seeking around in the video, and avoid redownloading video if you want to go back and watch a scene again because you missed what was said.

Comment Only allow reviews from people who purchased. (Score 2) 106

Amazon could solve this issue by only allowing reviews from people who have actually purchased the product on Amazon.

Sure, this would remove the ability to review products that you bought elsewhere, but I'm sure that's not a large percentage of reviews. If you bought the product from Amazon there's a good chance you're not a shill for the company. This also limits the reviews to one per customer per purchased product.

The only downside to this is we'll lose the hilarious "reviews" that some products get.. but that's a small price to pay for more legitimate reviews from real customers.

Comment This is kind of ridiculous... (Score 5, Insightful) 236

It's frustrating that you pretty much have to go to the media/public and embarrass a company before they will fix issues like this. Not everyone has the time to do this, and not everyone will be able to get enough people to listen to raise a big enough fuss to get the company's attention. I wonder how many situations like this happen that we never hear about and never get resolved?

"he was told that the account would not be unlocked and Google would not tell him why."

If your account is disabled you should have every right to know why and there should always be a path to correct it. What the hell?

I'm an Apple user; if they pulled this crap with my Apple ID it would be extremely irritating; you can have a lot of money wrapped up in these accounts in the form of purchases!

Comment Bluetooth delay (Score 1) 141

>why there delay between audio and video when connect throw Bluetooth

My 2014 Honda has this problem, and it's exasperating. You hit "next track" on the steering wheel when listening to music from your phone on Bluetooth, and it takes a full 3 seconds to respond because of the delay.

I have no idea why the car stereo system feels the need to buffer that much audio. Maybe they want to absolutely make sure bluetooth audio doesn't ever skip? Even a one second buffer should be long enough for this, though.

Watching video in a car is generally a bad idea, so it's not a deal breaker, but still.

Comment I blame game developers too (Score 4, Insightful) 54

Rather than create complete, cohesive games and charging a single price to play them, they design the games around having to buy stuff constantly to progress.

I remember when Angry Birds came out; you would buy the game once and that's it. Buy the game, hand the tablet to a kid and they can play all they want without having to buy anything.

These days those games are the exception rather than the rule.

Comment Re:Ignoring the players in this case (Score 1) 58

I guess I'm more sad about it these days. That E-mail client had so much potential; it had just come out and was already amazing so who knows what the company would have done with it if they hadn't been bought out.

Instead it's gone.

And yeah the weather sucks. It's been raining most of the past couple of days. :)

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