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Submission + - UN, IPCC Report: "Nobody Left Untouched" By Climate Change (

Zontar The Mindless writes: A major new report from the UN states that the impacts of global warming are likely to be "severe, pervasive and irreversible." Scientists and officials who've been meeting this past week in Yokohama, Japan say this represents the most comprehensive assessment of the world-wide impacts of climate change to date. Up until now, natural systems have absorbed most of the effects of human-induced climate change, but this is beginning to change, with humans set to experience these effects more directly. Quoth the BBC:

This is the second of a series from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) due out this year that outlines the causes, effects and solutions to global warming. This latest Summary for Policymakers document highlights the fact that the amount of scientific evidence on the impacts of warming has almost doubled since the last report in 2007.

The report's summary says that rising temperatures will mount threats to our health, homes, food, and safety. This report is the second in a series expected this year from the IPCC discussing causes, effects, and possible solutions to global warming.

Submission + - MySQL 5.5.0 Released (

Zontar The Mindless writes: "Despite all the recent excitement over MySQL, some folks have actually continued to write code, do QA and testing, write documentation, and all that other boring, mind-the-store stuff that people working in software projects generally do. The result is MySQL Server 5.5.0-m2; the "m2" tag means that it's the second milestone from the development trunk, code-named "Betony". This release can be considered beta quality; if you run into any bugs, please report them here.

This release incorporates the changes addressing scalability and performance issues and exploits advances in hardware and CPU design made in MySQL 5.4 (which isn't being developed any further). There's some shiny new goodies in "m2" as well, including: support for a semi-synchronous replication interface; support for the SQL standard SIGNAL and RESIGNAL statements; several enhancements to XML functionality, including a new LOAD XML statement; many new improvements in user-defined partitioning, including better support for date-based partitioning and partition pruning; and version 1.0.5 of the InnoDB plugin.

More info about MySQL 5.5.0-m2 is available in the changelog.

Download and enjoy!"

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