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Comment Re:konqueror best filemanager (Score 1) 505

I know that Dolphin has 2 and 4 without even looking, as I use these every day myself. 3 is not all that necessary for me--I'm content to let my file manager be a file manager and to view PDFs in a PDF viewer--and in any case this is mostly covered by preview.

And I *know* Konq has fish:, thanks very much. Did you somehow think I'd never used it myself?

In fact, I mentioned fish: specifically because it was one of the Konqueror/KDE integration features I was waiting to arrive in Dolphin before I'd consider switching to it.

Comment Re:A view from a user (Score 1) 505

Wasn't aware of that. Using KDE 4.1 on this machine, where it's in Dolphin. (My primary is temporarily out of service, not sure offhand what version's installed there.) Even so--you can't invoke the KDE desktop configurator from IceWM?

Personally, I'm still irked that they moved it out of /opt.

Comment Re:It's just so sluggish now (Score 1) 505

Yet it works for me and suits my workflow quite well.

I *like* having a tabbed terminal that shows up and goes away at a keypress.

Yakuake has several menus, not sure how you're missing those. What need does a terminal window, not really being a GUI app, have for a GUI-style File|Edit|View|etc. in any case?

Not sure what you mean about it not showing up on the taskbar--do you mean that it doesn't appear in a pager or task-switcher? I have several apps that don't show up in those places, *nor do I want them to*. (E.g. the right-hand 100px or so of all my desktops is occupied by gkrellm. I know it's there--I *expect* it, in fact--I don't want it minimised, I seldom need to interact with it directly... So, no need for it to show up in the task-switcher.)

Although I've not actually used it in a few years, I seem to recall that—before someone turned me on to Yakuake—I didn't care much at all for Konsole, and always just used XTerm instead.

So whatever floats your boat, I guess. Sorry if my suggestion offended you in some fashion.

Comment Re: The real issue (Score 1) 176

And it is the time for a US President who brings to light just how worthless most of the US foreign allies are. The foreign allies are scared to death that they might actually have to become responsible for their own security instead of expecting the US to do it for them. If some country wants US military protection they should expect an invoice with at least 50% due up front.

So you think it's really in the best interests of the US to let Putin reconstruct the USSR/Warsaw Pact as he seems intent on doing? And have you noticed all the Russian activity in the Middle East of late...? Guess not.

As soon as Trump started the spewing the utter horseshit which you parrot above, it became obvious he was either working for Putin, or might as well be.

Trump/Putin in 2016! It even rhymes, hey...

Comment Re:A view from a user (Score 1) 505

... Konqueror does indeed seem dead and I don't think there are enough developers who want it working to revive it.

Dolphin works quite well and is highly configurable. Give it a spin.

Although your remarks concerning Akonadi are spot-on. What the heck does a DE need its own DB server running all the time for anyway? (Especially given that MariaDB is NOT by any stretch of the imagination a drop-in replacement for MySQL, which I *do* need on my system, but that's for another rant...)

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