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Comment Re:Jobs... (Score 1) 140

I think you are right. But, as a devil's advocate, trade policy is not legislation. So maybe in Trump's bloviating buffoon mind he thinks he can raise the import duty / tariffs sky high as protectionism to force jobs to come back. Only an idiot would think that - but then the misogynist xenophobe racist divisive psychopathic serial liar Trump is sort of an idiot.

Typical. Those who shame others for generalizations and stereotypes often commit those same actions in the same sentence..

...but not today!

Comment Re:Google Maps in China is a quarter mile off (Score 1) 173

At least that's the case in Guangzhou--perhaps it has something to do with its proximity to HK.

Certain hotels that mostly cater to Rather Important People also don't filter. The KingRand in Beijing being one such example, if you can afford it. (Normally would be way out of reach for me, but I knew somebody who knew somebody who arranged a steep discount and a Gold Member Card guaranteeing me the same discount in future. Alas, I don't normally go to Beijing except to pass through it on the way to/from Guangzhou.)

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