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Submission + - Teachers can use this to see who's learning (

wisebabo writes: Until now, researchers had not had a good way to study how people actually experienced what is called "epiphany learning."

In new research, scientists at The Ohio State University used eye-tracking and pupil dilation technology to see what happens as people figured out how to win a strategy game on a computer.

"We could see our study participants figuring out the solution through their eye movements as they considered their options," said Ian Krajbich, co-author of the study and assistant professor of psychology and economics at Ohio State.

"We could predict they were about to have an epiphany before they even knew it was coming."

This might be useful to determine when you are trying to teach a difficult subject to someone who you're afraid might be inclined to just nod their head. Or maybe this is how the Voight-Kampff test works. (Are you a replicant?)

Submission + - How To Use Print Screen On A Mac OS X Computer (

tonytranupc writes: It's very easy to take a screenshot on a Mac (use Print Screen Mac function) for users who have been using Mac OS X for years — nothing strange with the features and functions of Mac OS X. But if you have recently switched from Microsoft's Windows or Linux to Mac OS X, you might feel unfamiliar with this new platform and don't really know how to use its features.

Submission + - SPAM: NASA and space policy are missing from the 2016 Democratic Party platform

MarkWhittington writes: As the Democratic Party continues to craft its platform, NASA Watch’s Keith Cowing noticed a conspicuous omission. Apparently, no mention exists about NASA or civilian space policy. Cowing puts this down to the idea that space is a “niche issue.” On the other hand, sections exist supporting statehood for Washington D.C. and closing Guantanamo, two matters that have not been in the news as of late.
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Submission + - Senior Homeland Security official says Internet anonymity should be outlawed ( 1

Patrick O'Neill writes: A senior Homeland Security official recently argued that Internet anonymity should outlawed in the same way that driving a car without a license plate is against the law.

“When a person drives a car on a highway, he or she agrees to display a license plate,” Erik Barnett, an assistant deputy director at U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and attache to the European Union at the Department of Homeland Security, wrote. “The license plate’s identifiers are ignored most of the time by law enforcement. Law enforcement will use the identifiers, though, to determine the driver’s identity if the car is involved in a legal infraction or otherwise becomes a matter of public interest. Similarly, should not every individual be required to display a ‘license plate’ on the digital super-highway?”

Submission + - Introductory SW Engineering Projects (HS level)

mtapman writes: List three suggested introductory software engineering projects for a high school level student. Assume the student can do basic math (up through Algebra I or Statistics I) but is new to logic and computer science. Each project should take no more than four hours to complete including research, coding, and testing.The intent is to introduce the student to software engineering (and computer science) through practical and fun examples. Classic CS problems are welcome. One of the key criteria is available research/reference material to allow the student to make progress with 30-60 minutes of online research.

Some ideas that came to my mind (not necessarily good ones) are: (1) pick a sorting algorithm and sort a list of ten words alphabetically, (2) write a program to convert characters from lower to upper case, (3) write a program to divide two numbers in two different programming languages and compare the results to determine the differences between the languages.

Submission + - Germany (probably) responsible for Eurozone crisis

An anonymous reader writes: According to a "descent" opinion by Peter Bofinger, a member of the prominent German Council of Economic Experts which advises the German government, Germany might carry the sole responsibility for the Eurozone crisis. While the consensus narrative is now that "...the Crisis should not be thought of as a government debt crisis in its origin. Instead they regard large intra-Eurozone capital flows that emerged in the decade before the crisis as the real culprit..." but then goes further, declaring that "...While this narrative is correct, it is incomplete. With its focus on the deficit countries, it neglects the role of Germany, by far the largest member state, and its contribution to the imbalances in the years preceding the Crisis."

In the early 2000s, Germany intentionally froze nominal wages, according to a pact agreed between the government and major unions, and thus through lower inflation increased its export competitiveness relative to the other countries of Eurozone. While many will think this is a legitimate action, it is really a textbook example of the "beggar-thy-neighbor" policy, e.g. in the 1930s such policies lead to competing serial devaluations and currency wars. With a common currency this is evidently not possible so that an internal devaluation was invoked, preventing participation of workers in efficiency gains, causing drop in aggregate expenditure which hurt trade partners in the rest of Europe, all while trade surpluses were increasing profits of German corporations which fueled large capital flows to the Eurozone periphery, inflating its real-estate bubbles which burst during the Great Recession. Furthermore, Germany was plunged into having one of the largest minimum-wage workforces among the developed countries.

Submission + - 8 of the 10 Security Flaws Used by Cyber-Criminals This Year Were Flash Bugs

An anonymous reader writes: Adobe Flash Player provided eight of the top 10 vulnerabilities used by exploit kits in 2015. Angler is currently the most popular exploit kit, regularly tied to malware including Cryptolocker. Vulnerabilities in Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and Silverlight are also major targets. All of these are the conclusions of a Recorded Future report.

Submission + - The real cost of mobile ads (

cvdwl writes: A New York Times (mildly paywalled) article and associated analysis discuss the consumer cost of mobile ads assuming a US$0.01/MB data plan. The article provides one of the only estimates I've seen of the the real cost in time and money (and time is money) of mobile advertising. Ethics of ad-blockers aside, this highlights the hidden costs of data-heavy (often lazy and poorly developed) web-design.

In a nutshell, the worst sites took 10-30s load 10-20MB, costing $0.15-0.40, over 4G due to a blizzard of video, heavy images, and occasionally just massive scripts. The best sites had high content to ad ratios, typically loading 1-3MB of content and >500kB of advertising.

Submission + - SPAM: Why to Invest in Espadrilles - An Brief Idea

husen13 writes: As awkward as it may feel to pronounce this evolutionary footwear, espadrilles are contrarily comfortable to walk in. If the scorching summer heat is inescapable, a comfortable pair of espadrilles works as the right antidote. These are believed to be originated from Pyrenees Catalonia, as very many centuries ago they were in fashion for the locals and continue to make an excellent choice for the citizenry even now. Subdued or glamorous, these can be worn on a vacation to an exotic beach location or a semi-formal party in the office.
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Submission + - Xiaomi investigated for using superlatives in advertising, now illegal in China (

An anonymous reader writes: Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi is under investigation for using superlative messaging on its website, according to a leaked document from the Beijing Ministry of Industry and Commerce. A new Chinese law states that adjectives used to promote products must not mislead consumers. The Xiaomi investigation [Chinese] follows claims made by rival Cong that the company used phrases such as ‘the best’ and ‘the most advanced’, in its online campaigns and therefore violated the country’s advertising law.

Submission + - The enemy of my enemy is my friend (

grrlscientist writes: Tiny hummingbird eggs and babies are a favourite snack for nest-robbing jays, so what’s a mother hummingbird to do to protect her family? According to a study published recently in the journal, Science Advances, the hummingbird cleverly builds her nest near or under a hawk nest. The reason for this seemingly risky behaviour? When hawks are nesting nearby, jays forage higher above the ground to avoid being attacked from above by the hungry hawk parents. This elevation in the jays’ foraging height creates a cone-shaped jay-free safe area under the hawk nests where mother hummingbirds, their babies and nests, enjoy dramatically increased survival rates.

Submission + - Real Ghost Story: The People I See (

An anonymous reader writes: Ever since I was ten I have noticed weird things that a normal 10 year old would not notice or see. I was ten when I saw my first spirit. I was visiting my grandmother for the summer, my first summer away from my family.

It was a couple weeks, and one night something weird happened. It was about 10:30 when I went to bed, my grandmother went to go to bed and she always closes my door. I went to sleep in the guest room, around 11 she went to sleep. About at midnight I was sleeping and I got a sense I was being watched. I open my eyes and there was a older gentleman about his late 70’s and, he was wearing a suit like 1800’s clothing nothing like what people were wearing, now this was in 2005 in Astoria, Oregon. I looked at for few seconds. He was standing in my doorway looking down the hall at my grandmothers room. He told me to watch my grandmother she was in danger. I got scared, knew it wasn’t a evil spirit it had a calm sense like he knew her, but I got scared, what 10 year old wouldn’t be scared.

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