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Submission + - An in-depth look at the Windows 8 API, WinRT (

concealment writes: "Windows 8 supports all the traditional Windows applications that have been developed over past decades. But the centerpiece of Windows 8 is not its support for legacy applications. With Windows 8, Microsoft wants to develop a whole new ecosystem of applications: touch-friendly, secure, fluidly animated. The new aesthetic was known as Metro, though rumored legal issues have chased the company away from that particular name. These new applications aren't built with the time-honored Windows APIs of yore. They're built with something new: the "Windows Runtime," aka "WinRT."

WinRT isn't just a new library, though it is that in part. More so, it's a whole new infrastructure for building and assembling Windows programs. If Windows 8 is successful—and more specifically, if Metro apps flourish—WinRT will be the foundation on which Windows apps are built for decades to come."

It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Wacky Tech (

An anonymous reader writes: A round-up of some of the funniest attempts at creating gadgets. From bongo t-shirts to Transformer flash usb sticks to tongue bottle openers. It's cute and worth a couple of minutes to bring a smile for the morning.

Website Security Without Breaking the Bank? 195

An anonymous reader writes "I do my own Web design and have a few websites — MySQL, PHP, CSS, HTML, that kind of thing. It's simple, amateur stuff, but I would love to have some reasonable ways to assess their security myself and patch the big holes, or possibly enlist someone to do 'white hat' work to assist me. I have absolutely no idea how to proceed. I don't want to get mired in a never-ending paranoia-fueled race to patch holes before the hackers find them, but on the other hand, I don't want my websites to look like Swiss cheese. Right now, I wouldn't know what kind of cheese they look like: Swiss, Havarti, or hard as Parmesan. How can I take reasonable steps to protect these websites myself? What books has the community found useful? What groups (if any) can offer me inexpensive white-hat hacking that won't end up costing me a first-born child? Or am I better off just waiting until a problem arises and then fixing it?"

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