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Submission + - UC Tuition Hike Provoking Lots of Civil Unrest

theodp writes: In a striking scene of civil disobedience, dozens of students barricaded themselves inside a UC Berkeley building for more than 11 hours Friday to protest a 32% tuition increase (video), one of the biggest fee hikes in UC history. Police battled the protestors, arresting 41 on trespassing charges. Meanwhile, over at UC Santa Cruz, hundreds of students, staff and faculty crowded the administration building, forcing the campus to shut down the building. A protest earlier in the week at UC Davis ended with the arrest of 52 protesters. And after the UC Regents voted Thursday to approve the staggering tuition hike, angry students defied riot gear-clad police at UCLA as they surrounded the regents' van and detained them for about 45 minutes. Students also raced after UC President Mark Yudof when he left the building under police escort after laying low for three hours. 'There is no money,' explained Yudof, who noted that his own $600,000 salary is really more like $540,000 these days (not counting hefty housing, pension, car, relocation and other payments, of course!). UC officials are reportedly floating the idea of turning away in-state students in favor of non-resident students who are viewed as cash-cows, although figures released Monday suggest otherwise, showing that Berkeley's 3,506 international students received an average of $21,741 in U.S. support (pdf) in 2008-2009.

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