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Comment Re:Anyone else not surprised? (Score 1) 612

I'm kind of surprised that the drone didn't have a set of emergency flight instructions to revert to in case of signal loss. Have it turn around and make a landing attempt on a predetermined patch of flat land near a US base. Best case scenario you salvage a drone, worst case scenario you salvage drone wreckage. Either result keeps it out of enemy hands.

Comment Re:Pretty bad when EA seems more appealing (Score 5, Interesting) 325

This reminds me of something one of the teacher's assistants at my college had said. He'd done a paid internship at Zynga and the president at one point had said to the developers (it's been a few years so I'm paraphrasing) "You are not smart. Your ideas are not innovative. You're not here to make the next greatest thing, you're here to rip off what already works and tweak it so we can maximize profits."

Comment Re:As a US citizen (Score 1) 212

Apparently you can decline to get a SSN, but I couldn't find out if you can actually disassociate yourself from it if you already have one. Also while you can legally open a bank account without a SSN, it seems to make the whole process a lot more complicated. My guess is that it's like that for most things; legally allowed, but five times the hassle.

Comment Re:can we request the torture vids? (Score 1) 400

The Nuremberg trials predate the experiment I linked. While it's obvious that it's never alright to torture someone, there's nothing wrong with reviewing the level of responsibility of people following orders vs those who issue them given new insight, rather than blindly following a legal precedent half a century old.

Comment Re:Oh Noes! (Score 1) 583

This is not necessarily the case. I move my 360 around about once every six months and my 2nd one just went bad on me this weekend. The reason? Both had begun to scratch discs after playing for about 30-60 minutes. I lost two discs in a week the first time, and lost another just a few days ago with the 360 they sent me with the warranty program. My three year warranty has since expired and now I'm faced with getting it repaired or buying a new one and hoping that one too doesn't decide to start scratching discs a year from now.

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