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Comment Re:What's their definition of "exercise"? (Score 1) 348

Building musclemass to unsustainable (even in old age) levels will come back and bite you in the ass. Either it will put pressure on your heart, or it will turn into fat over time. Either way you end up with excess tissue that your body has to provide with air/nutrients and expell garbage from. In other words not something you want when your body starts to deteriorate at the end.

Why do you think all those strongmen, wrestlers etc. rarely live to become very old? Answer: stroke.

Comment I wonder how they gauge the energy (Score 1) 121

I wonder how they gauge the energy. If they simply extrapolate the energy-emission by assuming it's the same from any other angle, then it doesn't really take into account it could be a directed radio-burst.

My logic tells me they should have already taken it into consideration, but if not it could explain the theorized super-duper-hyper-nova energy-levels, seeing as a sphere with radius 5.5 billion light years would require an enormous amount of energy to have its surface receive the measured levels of radio waves.

Comment Re:Why not just give up? (Score 5, Interesting) 479

Actually not a bad idea.

If Ukraine ceded control of Crimea it would gain more unity, and have less trouble separating itself from Russia and foster its ties with the EU. Crimea is an autonomous region with its own government, so Ukraine stand to lose very little from there other than having a national minority there (they still have access to the Black Sea from the mainland). Russia OTOH gains very little: They already have a fleetbase there, and a national majority that'll follow their whim, that wont change with annexation. They will, however, have to contend with a large ukrainian minority that will be none too happy of their new overlords, and who can get reinforced from their homeland easily. Also, they'll obliterate any chance of moving at Ukraine as a whole, because this action will fan anti-russian sentiment.

All in all, the move on Crimea is a provocation from Russia trying to destabilise Ukraine. They may end up getting Crimea, but if they fail to throw Ukraine into chaos, then they come out of this the loser.

Comment Re:The only thing I care about. (Score 2) 479

So what you're saying is that if Russia occupies South Carolina then you'll support russia because the US has a bunch of nationalistic patriots who view their territory as "historically american", and don't want foreigners occupying them for the reason of it being none of their damn business.

Their reason for opposing russian rule may be flawed, that doesn't mean that russian rule is a flawless idea, nor that opposing it is the wrong idea.

Comment Re:Atheism is not a religion per see (Score 2) 363

Why do you treat it as a binary constellation?

Fact of the matter is that when someone blows up civilians in a suicide bombing, then 49 out of 50 times they're muslim. That's a problem.
Other religions generally do not have a problem assimilating into society and identifying with it. Muslims, OTOH, bunch up in ghettos, prioritize speaking arabic before the national language, keep each other in check with regards to following the Koran (ostrasizing those who stray), and pine for the day when the world is run like a caliphate, just like their holy book tells them. That's a problem.
Generally, you don't see other religions doing this, and when they do we call them nutballs. That's because other religions generally keep their domain of influence to covering morality and the after-life; whereas islam, on top of this, also claims a compendium of how to run the world, politics, behavior etc. That's a problem, because it clashes with everybody else's idea that they have a right to form their own opinions about life and reality, and it makes it impossible to simply brush off inter-religion differences by going "oh well, we'll see who was right when we die, let's just do our own thing until then.". In their eyes, you're kuffir if you're not a muslim, a second-grade citizen worth less than their "brothers and sisters".

And last but not least, muslims will claim the above is not true. But then again they're explicitly allowed to lie in defense of their religion (taqqiya and kitman). Try and remember that whenever an imam or other islamic scholar tries to dodge questions about sharia. They WILL lie in order to "smooth over" differences, and they'll feel good about it.

Submission + - Ubuntu Edge Now Most-Backed Crowdfunding Campaign Ever

Volanin writes: After nearly a month of its assumed happening, Ubuntu Edge has now passed the $10.2 million mark, thus making it the most pledged-to crowd-funder in history. While the Ubuntu Edge campaign is to be commended for reaching such a mammoth milestone as this, it can’t quite claim ultimate victory yet, since it's just short of making one-third of its $32 million goal with a little less than a week left. Can they do it?

Comment Re:!crowdsourcing (Score 1) 251

And you have a problem with that because...? If you pledge and it succeeds you get a nice phone, unlocked, with Linux and godly specs. If it fails, you get your money back.

This is actually a good model for how capitalism SHOULD work. By first securing the demand and then creating the supply, not the other way around. Actually voting with your wallet instead of having commercials for an already available supply tell you why you why you should demand them.

If you don't tell the industry what you want and wave dollars in front of their noses, then the industry will play it safe and just make another "product" "integer++", becayse hey, it worked the last time.

And of course, there's only going to be made 40.000 units. This phone's not gonna pop up in a shop afterwards.

Comment Re:Serious Doubts on Canonical's Ability (Score 1) 251

they've basically decided to ignore whatever the rest of the community is doing and implement their own (buggy) stuff which is "better". Canonical's stuff makes GNOME3 look usable. That takes some doing.

They can do what they want to do, this is not communist community where people work together "or else". I'm sure you have an infinite amount of seemingly ingenious ways of how to spend someone else's money, but you don't get to do that.

Sure, you can use it as a desktop, you just need to buy a dock that you carry around, or a dock for every desk you usually use.

Or maybe you can settle for an MHL-cable, which is what it'll actually use. The "docks" you see are simply necessary replacements since they use a Nexus 4 as a testi-bed for the software.

Sure, you can use it as a phone, you just need a bluetooth headset that you have to keep charged when you're using it as a desktop. Sure, it's dual-boot, it just means that you can't phone or use the desktop when you switch modes.

OMG a phone that requires input in order to record! First of all, you don't know. It might as well use the onboard mic, even when docked; and if not, then it's no different than any other dockable phone.

Sure it can do all of the above, but you have no battery life.

You don't know. How much Silicon anode battery tech have you tested to actually know how much power it will have?

People who need to navigate and use their phone a lot tend to have TWO devices: a GPS or built-in satnav an a phone. Convergence is a great idea, but you're going to pay a lot in battery life for all those features.

GPSes don't tend to run on battery, they're hooked up to a USB or similar cable, the phone can very well accomplish the same thing.

The copyright clause in all Canonical software...

Is not a copyright clause if you'd actually care to read it: http://www.canonical.com/contributors


...is their own damn business. How would you like to have hedged your company and personal fortune on Wayland pre-Mir? You wouldn't. Again, there you go pissing away other people's money on what you think is right. Just because Canonical does open source doesn't mean you get spouse-access to their paypal-account.

forking GNOME into Unity

Dude, seriously, it's old, let it go.

doublespeak pouring out of the community spokesdrones have been in stark contrast to the early days of Debian, Slackware and open culture

Ah yes, back when getting sound out of the speakers was a noteworthy accomplishment and glxgears could be used as an analog second-timer if you opened the correct amount of windows...

I believe Ubuntu has single-handedly done more to bring down the quality of Linux on the desktop than any other distro.I believe the reason Ubuntu is so successful is because of marketing. NOT because of technical quality. This is why I believe that the human race is getting stupider every year. Ah well.

Before Ubuntu every Linux-distro was either serversoftware or Stallmanic neckbeard-distros used by the class' smelly kid. Unfortunately Ubuntu changed that, so the smelly kids were left with no haven; aimlessly these kids drifted around; no longer fed with cheetos by their friends for fixing their pc's they became skinny and pennyless. In their desperation they drifted towards OSX because it smelled like UNIX and the olden days, and now these people are known as "Hipsters".

Comment What?! Seriously? (Score 1) 381

Did the OP get his question rejected from the "Ask Dr. Evil anything"-morning show?

Don't conduct shady business in the first place, how friggin' hard is it? Can you look at a barbed wire-roll for more than five seconds without dreaming about extra-judiciary internment camps? Can you walk past a plank lying on an incline without imagining someone lying upside down on it while being drowned with a wet sock?

I don't care how some people think that doing sh't towards other countries is "part of the game", it's wrong and you friggin' know it! There is no excuse.

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