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The Almighty Buck

Submission + - Banks Vs. Credit Unions (

An anonymous reader writes: There has already 650,000 people that have realized their desire to be part of a credit union rather than a bank – in just the last 4 weeks! This, according to Credit Union National Association. This was weeks leading up to the talked about Bank Transfer Day which as received 85K likes on FB alone.

Submission + - Tesla Confirms Rapid-Charging Corridor Between LA (

thecarchik writes: Earlier this year at the official launch of the 2012 Model S Sedan, Musk said that Tesla was planning on installing ultra-rapid charging stations along major arterial freeways such as the I-5 between Canada and Mexico, but declined to give specifics.

But in an official Tesla earnings call last week, Musk let slip where the first of these ultra-rapid charging stations would be: somewhere between San Francisco and Los Angeles.

However, even by the shortest route, the distance between the two cities is nearly 400 miles, meaning that an equidistant SuperCharger would be no use to owners of Model S sedans with smaller 160 or 230-mile battery packs.


Submission + - NVIDIA and VMWare Team Up To Offer Cloud Rendering (

MojoKid writes: "NVIDIA demo'd its offsite rendering system (dubbed Reality Server) several years ago, and has now partnered with VMWare to support 3D rendering and high-end GPU capabilities when connecting to a system remotely via wireless network. This new initiative could be seen as a Project Reality-type system on a small scale. NVIDIA isn't claiming to deliver photo-realistic rendering this time around, but the ability to access a high-end workstation and view content in real-time from a tablet or other client gives designers more freedom to work remotely or make changes to a design on the fly. VMWare's software will run on tablets and other devices running Android. NVIDIA only mentions their own Tegra-powered devices, but the software doesn't apparently require an NVIDIA GPU client-side to function."
The Internet

P2P Fans Pound Comcast In FCC Comments 306

Not Comcastic writes "Two weeks after officially opening proceedings on Comcast's BitTorrent throttling, angry users are bombarding the FCC with comments critical of the cable provider's practices. 'On numerous occasions, my access to legal BitTorrent files was cut off by Comcast,' a systems administrator based in Indianapolis wrote to the FCC shortly after the proceeding began. 'During this period, I managed to troubleshoot all other possible causes of this issue, and it was my conclusion (speaking as a competent IT administrator) that this could only be occurring due to direct action at the ISP (Comcast) level.' Another commenter writes 'I have experienced this throttling of bandwidth in sharing open-source software, e.g. Knoppix and Open Office. Also I see considerable differences in speed ftp sessions vs. html. They are obviously limiting speed in ftp as well.'"

We Know Who's Behind Storm Worm 169

jmason reminds us of a story from a few weeks back that got little attention, adding "This doesn't seem to be just bluster; as far as I can tell, everyone who knows the RBN now agrees that this seems likely." Brian Krebs's Security Fix blog at the Washington Post carried a story about the Storm worm containing some pretty staggering allegations. "Dmitri Alperovitch [of Secure Computing] said federal law enforcement officials who need to know have already learned the identities of those responsible for running the Storm worm network, but that US authorities have thus far been prevented from bringing those responsible to justice due to a lack of cooperation from officials in St. Petersburg, Russia, where the Storm worm authors are thought to reside. In a recent investigative series on cyber crime featured on, St. Petersburg was fingered as the host city for one of the Internet's most profligate and cyber-crime enabling operation — the Russian Business Network. Alperovitch blames the government of Russian President Vladimir Putin and the political influence of operatives within the Federal Security Service (the former Soviet KGB) for the protection he says is apparently afforded to cybercrime outfits such as RBN and the Storm worm gang. 'The right people now know who the Storm worm authors are,' Alperovitch said. 'It's incredibly hard because a lot of the FSB leadership and Putin himself originate from there, where there are a great deal of people with connections in high places.'"

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