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The Morality of Web Advertisement Blocking 974

An anonymous reader writes "There has been some recent coverage of the over-hyped boycott of Firefox, in response to the rising popularity of the Adblock Plus Firefox extension. A recent editorial on CNET looks into the issue, and explores the moral and legal issues involved in client-side web advertisement blocking. Whereas TiVo users freeload on the relatively fixed broadcasting costs paid by TV networks, users of web ad-blocking technology are actively denying website owners revenue that would otherwise go to pay for the bandwidth costs of serving up those web pages. If the website designer has to pay for bits each time you view their website without viewing their banner ads, are you engaged in theft? Is this right? "

Submission + - Spyware Coming to a Mac Near You

Clarke writes: Is spyware really coming to Macs? With programs like MacScan offering anti-spyware solutions and free updated definitions is this a sign Macs getting more attention? I've seen many more keyloggers and even proof of concepts for privledge escalation. With the month of apple bugs there is proof security is a concern but how much should we care?

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