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Submission + - Your own Radio Telescope

solune writes: "I was throwing some trash in the dumpster the other day when I noticed a few DirecTV satellite dishes in the dumpster.

Over the last few days I got to thinking: is it possible to set up a distributed radio telescope array? Surely, by now, there's a way to synchronize countless small dishes to probe the skies.

Of course, it's entirely possible I have no clue as to how arrays work, and/or the frequencies involved."

Submission + - SPAM: A 2-billion-year window into the Earth

Roland Piquepaille writes: "An international team of researchers has discovered 2 billion-year-old unaltered rocks on the ocean floor during two North Pole expeditions. Their findings led them to conclude that the Earth' mantle history is more complex than previously thought. The researchers were astonished to find rocks that had not been remixed inside the mantle for two billion years. The rocks found beneath Gakkel Ridge, a 1,000-mile-long underwater mountain range between Greenland and Siberia, were precisely dated because of the presence of isotopes of osmium. As said the lead researcher, 'I just about fell off my chair. We can't exaggerate how important these rocks are — they're a window into that deep part of the Earth.' But read more for additional details and pictures, including a beautiful section of one of these 2 billion-year-old peridotite rocks."

Submission + - IBM refuses to liberate OS/2 ( 1

wikinerd writes: "Following an online petition in November 2007 by members of an OS/2 online community to open-source OS/2, IBM answered by sending a letter via FedEx making it clear that OS/2 is going to remain closed-source, citing business, technical, and legal problems. Previously there was an older petition in 2005 which attracted over 11 thousand signatures, and both petition letters to IBM Corp can be seen at library. The End of Support period for OS/2 passed by in December 2006, and the given IBM's response the future for OS/2 doesn't look bright, except if re-implementation projects such as the Voyager or osFree attract the necessary critical mass of operating system developers."

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