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Comment Re:You're Doing It Wrong (Score 0) 123

No, I'm right. He says the micro's job is to read and write to the tape, and perform the simple steps as instructed by the tape.

That's fine, and that's cool. But it's not a Turing machine; it's a Turing machine emulator. I could write a program on my computer, feed it a virtual "tape" and do the same thing. It'd only be following the directions on the 'tape', but it'd be an interpreter.

This is a very cool interpreter. But it's not a Turing machine.

Comment Re:Come to California... (Score 4, Insightful) 660

You should have elected the Republican. He was a businessman who, even in Michigan's power economy, managed to succeed and had plans to use his contacts to bring more business to Michigan, so everyone could get jobs.

Instead you re-elected Granholm, who had done nothing her first four years and hasn't done anything the second four years. She's just perpetuated the "do nothing and government will take care of you like a big daddy" welfare state. She's encouraged sloth not industriousness.

Comment Re:Corrupt Complete. (Score -1, Flamebait) 198

Elitist is not a loaded term you dumb-ass pseudo-liberal zombie parakeet. It's meaning is PLAIN and SIMPLE: People who think they are better than other people.

It's not a matter of left or right, rich or poor! It's a matter of attitude and persona character. Look up egalitarianism if you want to get political. These execs are elitists who think they are above the law and too smart to get busted. Nobody with a high IQ would want a system based on cultural/IQ differences. Many serial killers, child molesters, dictators, and terrorists have high IQs. One's ability to learn is not an indicator of their potential for positive or negative impact on society. How about a society where status is obsolete and people just accept each other for who they are while trying to better themselves and their communities? So jump in your Prius or Subaru and drive back to Berkeley for another dose of the leftist kool-aid.

Comment clap clap clap (Score 1) 401

"Rice, of the 600 block of East 27th St. in Baltimore, had 29 prior convictions for crimes such as breaking and entering, Guglielmi said. He had been released Saturday from the Baltimore County Detention Center, where he had been held after his arrest by county police last year for stealing a car in the city. He was found guilty in December of unauthorized removal of property and was sentenced to 18 months in prison."


Good for you man, thanks for removing that scumbag. I'm really sorry you had to go through that crap, but congrats on sticking up for yourself and self defense (of property and person) in general. I've been through similar, but luckily it never had to escalate to that extreme.

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