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Comment Re: This is silly (Score 1) 322

> but those are fringe uses

That affect the vast majority of users. Proper working plug and play and mixing are _the_ most important customer features.

> ALSA gives you an user-unfriendly 6x6 matrix which you can reconfigure for any possible way you may think of, while with Pulse all you can do is upmix/downmix stereo to 5.1 and that's it.

Which who ever needs?

Comment Re: This is silly (Score 1) 322

Pulseaudio has a shitload of advantages, from being able to target all kinds of sound backends (not just ALSA, but also OSS, JACK, other OSes), to being network transparent (so you could just broadcast audio to small IoT-Audio-Devices in your network), and also you can't get into shit like one program claiming exclusive rights, at which point you break all other audio (which in ALSA, while not encouraged, is always an option).

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