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Submission + - Microsoft silently drops IE6 support on (

lrvick writes: "With the release of Bing, Microsoft had to make some modifications to In the process they silently stopped even trying to hack their own site to work in ie6. The new Bing search bar now drops down into the content over the top of other navigation links in IE6. Is this the excuse web developers everywhere have been waiting on to once and for all totally stop hacking things for IE6 as well?"

Comment Re:The thrill is gone. (Score 1) 408

According to the respective websites, an Iberia flight to Madrid takes 16 hours on an Airbus, while a Lufthansa flight to Stuttgart takes 11 hours on a 747! Astonishingly, the Lufthansa flight is cheaper, too.

The plane is not the deciding factor in the time of those two flights. All commercial jets have a cruising speed of approximately 900km/h (550mph). The Airbus in your example would have to cruise at around 600km/h, provided the distance is equal. Seeing how it's quite a bit further to germany, the Iberia schedule must hide something or just be plain wrong.


Wikileaks Airs Scientology Black Ops 509

An anonymous reader alerts us to new material up on Wikileaks: 208 scanned pages (in one PDF) relating to the Church of Scientology and its former "Office of Special Affairs" employee (and subsequent apostate) Frank Oliver. "The documents are dated between 1986 and 1992 inclusive, when, according to the file, Frank Oliver was declared a 'suppressive person' and excommunicated. Frank Oliver should be able to verify the material and has appeared in the media before on subjects relating to the church. Starting on page 107, the document shows that at the time of writing the Church of Scientology was still actively engaged in black propaganda (especially concerning psychiatry), 'fair game' and infiltration."

State Lawmaker Wants To Ban Anonymous Posting Online 471

bfwebster writes "According to a local news article from last week, Kentucky state lawmaker Tim Couch wants to ban anonymous posting on the internet in order to 'cut down on online bullying', which he says has been 'a particular problem in eastern Kentucky.' His bill would require posters to register with their real names and e-mail addresses under threat of fines. Looks like another battle in the right for anonymous free speech."

Submission + - Sears at it again: burglar's reference (

Anonymouse Coooward writes: "CA has another scoop on Sears:

Sears' site allows any burglar to case a home from the comfort of their armchair and provide them with everything they'd need to bluff their way through picking it up for a "recall".

quotes from TFA:

Once you register, you can look up major purchases for ANY address. All you need to do is enter a name, address and phone number and if the person attached to that info has made a major purchase at sears you get that info!! They have no real controls in place — you have to enter an onscreen code and they say that keeps your info safe, but that does not stop someone from entering other people's contact info to see their product purchases.

I checked this out, and sure enough, in about 2 minutes I was looking at every purchase my parents had made since 1989. What's worse, I had used no more info than is publicly listed in the phone book: their name, address, and telephone number. Once you have an account at and have logged in, select the first option (Home Profile) from the "Home" pull-down menu on the main page. In the upper right corner of the page, you should see a "Sears Purchase History", with a button labeled "Find my Products". The only information they asked for when I followed that button was a name, phone number, and address.

If you had major dealings with Sears, that information is now available to the public, from a television bought in 1978 to a stove which was purchased elsewhere but had been repaired by a Sears technician."


Submission + - Nine Inch Nails post result of "Free or Pay

Rovent writes: Back on November 1st, Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails convinced Saul Williams to release his latest album, "The Rise and Fall of Niggy Tardust", for free or $5, you decide. After a two month run, Trent posted the results of this experiment on the Nine Inch Nails homepage. On it, he breaks down how many people downloaded the album, who came back and paid for it, and his insight on the whole affair.

Submission + - Microsoft Looking at Emacs for .Net

el_gordo101 writes: According to an article at eWeek, Microsoft is working on a project that would essentially bring the functionality of the Emacs text editor to .Net. Wonder what Stallman thinks about this development...

Submission + - Spam King Alan Ralsky under indictment (

maxx_entropy writes: Spam King Alan Ralsky under indictment

The U.S. Attorney's Office has scheduled a news conference today to announce the indictment of 11 people in a major Internet spam investigation.
It described the indictment as one of the largest nationwide.
Among the indicted are Alan Ralsky of West Bloomfield, his son-in-law and nine others. They were indicted in Detroit on charges of running an illegal Internet spam operation.


Submission + - When Movies Don't Live Up to the Trailer ( 1

MBCook writes: "David Pogue of the New York Times has published a piece in which he asks "Just how different can a trailer be without becoming false advertising?" He relates taking his children to see Nation Treasure: Book of Secrets, and just how amazingly different it is from the trailers. "On the way home, what [my children and I] discussed wasn't the plot or the shaky grasp of history. It was all the good stuff we'd seen in the trailers (the ads) that weren't even *in* the movie.""

Submission + - Google's name is worth more than $66 billion

An anonymous reader writes: How much is a company worth that is rolling in dough, making more than a $1 billion a quarter in profits? In Google's case it is currently almost $150 billion — with the brand of the company being estimated to be worth more than $66 billion. Google's brand value has now surpassed everything in its way and is considered to be the most valuable brand out there. Kinda impressive, if I remind myself that the company was founded based on the idea for a search engine that pretty much contradicted every marketing concept when it went online less than 10 years ago.

Feed Keystroke Biometrics (

This sounds like a good idea. From a news article: The technology, which measures the time for which keys are held down, as well as the length between strokes, takes advantage of the fact that most computer users evolve a...
PC Games (Games)

Submission + - Hacked DX10 for Windows appears

Oddscurity writes: According to The Inquirer someone managed to write a wrapper allowing DirectX 10 applications to run on platforms other than Vista. The Alky Project claims to have reverse-engineered Geometry Shader code, allowing Windows games to run on Windows XP, MacOSX and Linux. The Inquirer is understandably cautious about these claims, urging readers to investigate the releases themselves to assertain whether or not it's a hoax.

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