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Submission + - Ancient Fossil Offers Clues to Primate Evolution (nytimes.com)

langelgjm writes: Yesterday, the New York Times reported on the unveiling of a 47 million year-old fossil at the Museum of Natural History. Discovered two years ago, the exquisitely preserved specimen is not a direct ancestor of monkeys and humans, but hints at what such an ancestor might have looked like. According to researchers, "The specimen has an unusual history: it was privately collected and sold in two parts, with only the lesser part previously known. The second part, which has just come to light, shows the skeleton to be the most complete primate known in the fossil record."

The scientific article describing the find was published yesterday in the peer-reviewed, open-access journal PLOS One. Google's home page is also celebrating the find with a unique image.

The Internet

Submission + - P2P ART - The aesthetics of ephemerality (peertopeerart.com)

Anders Weberg writes: "P2P Art — The aesthetics of ephemerality.

Art made for — and only available on — the peer to peer networks.
The original artwork is first shared by the artist until one other user has downloaded it.
After that the artwork will be available for as long as other users share it.

The original file and all the material used to create it are deleted by the artist.

"There's no original".

A project from Swedish artist Anders Weberg started in 2006.

Feel free to don't or download the films, watch it and share it for as long as you like. Or delete it immediately. The

aesthetics of ephemerality.

Released films:

Duration: 45 minutes
released and deleted 2009/04/21.

Duration: 8hours8minutes8seconds
released and deleted 2008/08/08.

Duration: 60minutes
released and deleted 2008/03/16.

Duration: 45minutes
released and deleted 2007/09/15.

Duration: 73minutes
released and deleted 2006/09/15.


Anders is an artist and filmmaker working in video, sound, new media and installations and he is primarily concerned with

identity. The human body lies at the root of projects that formally and conceptually chart identity and its construction as

a preamble to broaching matters of violence, genders, memory, loss or ideology in which personal experiences co-exists with

references to popular culture, the media and consumerism. Specializing in digital technologies, he aims to mix genres and

ways of expression to explore the potential of audio visual media.

Currently based Malmö in the south of Sweden and has exhibited at numerous art/film festivals, galleries, and museums

internationally, including:
Cape 09 Art Biennale, 2009, Cape Town, South Africa; Biennale of Sydney 2008, Sydney, Australia; Transmediale08, Berlin,

Germany; File Brazil 07-08, São Paulo, Brazil; [10th] Japan Media Arts Festival, Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography,

Tokyo, Japan; 13th Barcelona International Festival of Advanced Music and Multimedia Art, SONAR, Barcelona, Spain; Scope New

York, US; Museum of Contemporary Art (MAC), Santa Fe, Argentina; Pocket Films in Paris, Centre Pompidou, Paris; Videoformes,

Clermont — Ferrand, France."


Submission + - Future air-fueled battery could store 10 times mor (zdnetasia.com)

Cool Techead writes: A new type of air-fueled battery being studied could provide up to 10 times the energy storage of designs currently available, and someday be used to power electric cars, mobile phones, and laptops, say researchers.

The new idea the researchers are examining is to replace the lithium cobalt oxide electrode in today's rechargeable lithium batteries with a porous carbon electrode. This allows lithium ions and electrons in the cell to react instead with oxygen in the ambient air, The new design could potentially improve the performance of portable electronic devices and provide a big boost to the renewable-energy industry. The researchers see a scenario in which the batteries will enable a constant electrical output from sources such as wind or solar.


Submission + - TV giants may no longer reject anti-consumer ADs (igc.org)

Joe Rowe writes: "A Judge in Canada has allowed a landmark lawsuit to go before the Supreme Court. Anti-consumer groups have been unable to buy prime time TV advertisements in Canada, the US and many other countries. The ruling stated: "broadcasters have been given the power to control expression in a public space and, regardless of whether the broadcasters are public or private, the fact that they can decide who can exercise freedom of expression in a public space makes the charter applicable to them." This is a key battle to watch for people concerned about freedom of content and advertising we see on our screens. It raises bigger questions about freedom on the Internet when popularity gives Google and other sites near monopoly power. It is no shock that this 4 year court battle continues to be neglected in the news.




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