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Comment Wrong! (Score 0) 476

"So the iPhone has significantly lower resolution than the retina."
No, the resolution of the iPhone display is only lower than the retina at distances closer to the eye than 18 inches. At further distances, the resolution of the iPhone is higher than the retina.

The guy also said the iPhone's resolution was comparable to the Motorola Droid, but the iPhone 4 actually has 50% more pixels than the Droid.

Comment Re:Begging for trouble (Score 1) 527

If the demos suck in all other browsers Apple could point to that and say "Hey, told you so.

That's not the message Apple wants to send. If you're trying to promote HTML5 and terminate Flash, what you describe would be a stupid message. All people would say then is, "Clearly I'm not ready for HTML5. Just let me continue with Flash."

Since there is no way I can test them with Firefox I do not know whether they really "look like crap" there.

Poor baby! If you care, you can download Safari. If you use Linux, try the demos on the developer page in Google Chrome for Linux. They work in Chrome for the most part.

Comment Luddites! (Score 1) 527

No, that's not the point and it's also incorrect/irrelevant. The point is that HTML5 can/will support the behaviors displayed in the Apple demos. I think pretty much everybody here knows HTML5 hasn't been ratified, so it's technically not a standard. What apparently many people here, including yourself, don't know is that Safari is one of the best browsers around for HTML5 in its present state. (Safari was also one of the first--if not the first--main stream browser to pass the acid3 test).
The developer page loads just fine in Chrome, but you'll notice the demos don't work as well as they do in Safari. That would suggest Safari supports HTML5 better than Chrome--at least in the ways tested by the demos. So you see, talking about HTML5 compatibility right now isn't really relevant, but it is entirely fair for Apple to want to showcase what HTML5 can/will do and to coax users into using to Safari to see the demos properly.

Comment Re:Evil moderators (Score 1) 527

The fact that the developer link works semi-adequately in Google Chrome--and not just for me but for other users posting here, too--indicates that you just don't recognize how helpful Apple is trying to be and what anti-Apple trolls you and the slashdot moderators truly are . My sincere guess is that you're using a HTML5-braindead browser--Firefox perhaps. Apple would prefer you see the demos as functional works. I'd think you'd prefer that, too, unless your agenda is also to stifle HTML5 adoption.

Comment Re:Chrome (Score -1, Redundant) 527

You - no offense - provide absolutely no insight to the matter, regardless of what the - no offense - dick moderators think. The title of the /. post reads "Standards Gallery Not Standard". The demos are viewable in other browsers, such as Chrome (where the demos mostly work), by going to the developer page. Asking users to download Safari has nothing to do with HTML5 standards but reflects currently how well supported the unratified HTML5 standard is across browsers. If HTML5 allows all the things Apple shows, what's wrong with asking users to download Safari if that's the only way currently to see the demos in their full glory?

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