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Your Rights Online

Submission + - Bradley Manning Audio Leaked (

Yew2 writes: Despite onerous Army rules prohibiting recording of the Manning hearings at Ft. Meade, Maryland, the recently formed Freedom of the Press Foundation published anonymously sourced audio of Manning’s full plea allocution on Tuesday, allowing the world for the first time to hear the crisp voice of the 25-year-old Army private as he details his leaking of thousands of Army field reports and a quarter-million State Department diplomatic cables to WikiLeaks.
Your Rights Online

Submission + - 8000 Hoodie March Broadcast Live (

Yew2 writes: "Significant turnout over shooting of Trayvon Martin, NYers are marching, hoodies and all, in protest of not just the killing itself but the stereotype that may have precipitated it. Regardless of the facts that have or may come out in this case, I grew up in the 80s and not only were they not called hoodies in my day (or mostly ever since) but in my opinion never really even fell into any stereotype with anything perceived as negative or hoodlum-esque, rather a convenient piece of clothing. The far right are connecting this clothing with mischief. Didnt we go through this with baggy pants, high tops and going back to dad's generation, pointy shoes??"

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