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Comment it's already the law (Score 1) 834

They are already required to try to hire Americans first.

Of course, this is the guy who already takes credit for automotive plant hirings which were agreed upon between the UAW and the auto makers in 2015. So why would it be surprised to hear of another do-nothing announcement?

Comment It's not quite please, it's the law (Score 1) 174

Yes, I don't like that Apple is part of censorship like this.

But it is the law. It isn't upon request, it is surely under threat of action. I know everyone would like to indicate how they'd stand up to China but if Apple weren't to take this down then China would just kill the entire app store in China and then the app still would be down.

It is frustrating that Apple has no way to convince China to knock this off.

Comment that's not really bypassing the lock (Score 5, Informative) 54

The point of the lock is to make the device less valuable for resale. And this, because it doesn't remove the lock, doesn't invalidate that.

The device simply flashes the main screen for a moment and then goes right back to the activation required screen.

Kudos to the guy for finding this. But he didn't bypass the system, the device is still unactivated and from what we see here can't even be used for anything. It certainly can't be resold for anything other than parts.

Comment interesting conclusion (Score 1) 320

It's your own. It's not what I said at all.

He won't be saving these jobs. He might save American jobs, he won't be saving these. I understand those in Michigan and Ohio who are upset about losing jobs, but voting for Trump isn't going to save them. Unless they want to move to South Carolina, they might be able to follow their jobs as they move there.

Comment these jobs aren't going to Mexico (Score 1) 320

GM would be moving low-profit cars to Mexico, not Cadillacs.

And Trump won't be saving these jobs. Car companies will not be keeping production in Michigan and Ohio, they'll move to Southern states where there is no UAW. Even if Trump keeps them from crossing the Southern border he isn't going to force them to stick with unions.

Comment it's a terrible SUV (Score 4, Informative) 144

Even when it works its awful. The 2nd row is short on room. The 3rd row is tiny. And you cannot fold the 2nd row seats so even if you fold the 3rd row down you can't fit a bike in it.

Here is a video showing how much more hauling space there is in a small LEAF than in a Model X.


And you can't even put stuff on the roof of the Model X due to the stupid doors.

Get an AWD Model S. Skip the stupid Model X.

Comment you're an idiot if you believe this (Score 2) 201

I don't mean if you believed the drill guy, I mean if you believe this story about other people believing him is real.

People like to tell a good story, to be seen on youtube, etc. Even if you think everyone is dumber than you you have to be a bit smarter than to fall for this.

Comment people always do this (Score 3, Insightful) 106

People are idiots. Some want attention. Some want ad revenue. Some just are bored or something. This kind of thing always happens. It surely happens to Samsung's competitors too. It definitely happened to Toyota during the Prius acceleration scare (and surely Audi too so long ago).

You shouldn't take all reports as gospel. This shouldn't make you think, you should always be thinking.

In the end what really matters is whether Note 7s were experiencing battery fires at a higher rate than normal. And the answer still appears to be yes, clearly yes. So Samsung did the right thing with the recall.

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