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Comment Collusion? (Score 4, Insightful) 399

I think this is a pretty cool idea (improving the likelihood of reporting rapists and ill-informed post-adolescents). But will it be able to avoid collusion on the part of those reporting? Multiple persons with an ax to grind (or just wanting to "tease" someone) could seemingly file multiple reports triggering the escrow's release. That, in itself, is not the problem. It's the consequences of free (or possibly anonymous) condemnation. I still think anything that improves reporting of (genuine) assault is a good thing. I just worry about how technology has an equal hand in facilitating asshattery.

There are two goods I would like to see from an effort like this: punish the truly criminal and better educate those poisoned with the antique ideals of past generations. I didn't have the best education regarding this (but it was better than most maybe) as a child and must frequently question my thinking regarding other humans. Yes, I'm talking about men. I prefer to be inclusive, but men are the fucking problem here.

I just don't want to ruin someone's life because of poor guidance (by parents, peers, media, educators, etc.). I expect that a small percentage of false-positives is to be expected. But I don't want to provide a means to facilitate it.

Even the most vile transgressor deserves to face their accusers.

Comment Only a grand? (Score 1) 52

Only US$1,000.00? That's useless. For those who study the history of code (in any klanguage, but especially C [or microcode]), this could be a meaningful challenge. But only if we're talking six figures. At least the really smart people I've been blessed to associate with are worth it.

Comment Silicon Mechanics! (Score 1) 150

They take all that commodity hardware and figured out how to make nice high-density systems for you. Stop trying to figure out how to do it yourself. They've done the hard work and (in my personal opinion) have absolutely outstanding support (before and after the sale). I'm just a happy customer.

Comment Nothing personal (Score 1) 547

Why on earth would you put information that is personal and has nothing to do with the performance of your job on company property? It makes that information effectively company property. If our employees just absolutely must do their shopping while they're at work (and effectively doing their job), they're permitted to bring in their own equipment and use the guest network.

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