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Comment Re:Developing countries (Score 1) 187

You can get rather cheap MP4 players these days. Hell you can probably get a cheap first/second gen IPod touch off of craigslist et all for less than $50 American. One would assume you could just download your porn to that, go home, then start wanking. Now doing it with people looking over your shoulder and wrestling with the various file types used on the internet (I think most would need transcoded to play on a portable player) would maybe be roadblocks, but technically speaking, it wouldn't be outside the realm of reality.

Comment Re:An obvious reminder (Score 1) 182

I realise that it is trendy to be cynical of anyone who has gained any form of celebrity, but I think that it is also appropriate to remind people that the person behind the spotlight is as human as anyone else that you meet. Just like us, the make mistakes. Just like us, sometimes they are regretful because they were caught. And just like us, sometimes the regret that they express is sincere.

This idea is laughable for 95% of the people with celebrity status (this guy might be in the other 5%, I don't honestly know.) When they're on their high horse they expect to be treated as better than everyone else, but when they make mistakes we're reminded how 'they are human too and make mistakes'. Bullshit. You don't get to have your cake and eat it too. If you want to live your life on a high horse be my guest. Just don't come looking for sympathy when you fall off.

Comment Re:Cause and effect (Score 1) 163

So the proper thing to do is to let it lie there, go find an officer, and lead him to it? That has to be the dumbest fucking thing I've heard this week. Yes please, allow this dangerous weapon to sit where anyone of ill intent has unfettered access to it while I go find an authority to properly handle and dispose of said weapon. What kind of fuctards are running the UK that shit like that even happens?

...... Not to throw stones from my glass house or anything though, as it's plenty fucked up over here in the US as well. But arrested for being a responsible citizen? What the fuck?

Comment Re:What if they are still performing it? (Score 1) 536

Not sure why you got modded Troll. Must be because the majority of people on slashdot (seem to) want no copyright law at all, rather than a fair compromise. I'll point you all to a comment I made earlier today about my vision of a better copyright system, which just so happens to be very close to your idea; read it here.

Comment Re:Heaven forbid (Score 1) 170

This is why I'd like to see copyright law changed to the following model:

1. The creator of a copyrightable work is granted sole reproduction rights to their work indefinitely.
2. The creator may only hold copyright to one of each class of copyrightable work at a given time (book, musical album, movie, etc). Previous copyrighted works are surrendered into the public domain upon the publishing of a new work that is itself not released directly into the public domain.
3. All copyrights expire five(5) years after the creator's death.

This system allows a creator to collect money from a work for as long as it remains profitable to do so. However, being able to possess only one copyright at any given time removes the incentive to create and then retire for life. With unlimited (in number) copyrights, a creator could create several works and collect a massive amount of cash. Limiting it to one at a time ensures that as soon the popularity for that work declines below an acceptable threshold, the creator would need to create a new work in order to maintain a certain level of income. If the creator happens to create something so profound that it remains highly profitable for many years they should be allowed to kick back and reap the rewards; if it is really that valuable to society it only seems fair. Clause three just helps ensure that copyrighted works are innevitably released into the public domain, after a time period sufficient for contributing to the creator's estate. I.E. The creator could will his copyright to an heir allowing the heir to collect on it for five years, which would be held separate from the heir's own copyright count (if they indeed hold any at all.) Considering you'd actually have to die to pass that copyright to someone else, it would be very costly to abuse (especially considering you could get more than five years out of it if you simply stayed alive.)

The current system, as you say, is attrocious/an attrocity. It is robbing society of works originally promised to them simply by exptending copyright, and allowing 'ageless' corporations to hold copyrights, rather than people. The system is broken, and I feel mine is about as simple and as fair as one could conceive. I welcome anyone to poke holes in it however, I enjoy (constructive) criticism.

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