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Comment It's just you...sort of (Score 1) 413

For IT professionals, there may be multiple OS environments in production. Changes to vendor software, hardware requirements, maintenance costs, and other factors have given large data centers need to reconsider what they run and the hardware being used. System virtualization, especially in government enterprise level systems, is being pushed as the new way to do business. That means that many sites have to redesign and migrate to completely new configurations of hardware and software.

Comment Solairs, the one, true UNIX (Score 1) 413

Okay, maybe not. And yes, it was intended as a little bit of troll bait. But I have to admit that I have been a certified (certifiable?) Solaris OS Administrator for a long time. Actually starting to see the move from Solaris to Red Hat in my industry. Probably due to the fact that since Oracle purchased Sun, the quality of support has taken a nose dive. So, I can say that my migration path is UNIX to Linux.

Comment This! (Score 1) 290

This is why I like HTC. Their hardware is comparable, if not better, than most others on the market. They don't take c@rp from other companies. Add this to the mix, and it's why I have them at the top of my list when looking at phones. I'll take "not quite as sparkly" as phones from Apple and Samsung. I want durable, solid, functioning equipment, and HTC continues to deliver on that.

Comment Re:I don't know the answer. (Score 1) 228

More likely something like this... "Your gene is in my body, and it made me sick. You're going to pay me for having it, for my medical treatment, and my pain and suffering." The first time the courts rule in favor of a cancer patient that way, you'll see every company out there abandoning their gene patents. They want to protect their right to make money, then they have to assume the liability for their "product".

Comment More Accurately (Score 3, Insightful) 286

Since Google admitted they do that, Microsoft is pointing at that and saying how Google is bad for it. What Microsoft isn't telling anyone is that they are doing EXACTLY THE SAME THING (well, may not exactly, but darn near close to it), but isn't telling you they are. Thus, their results are "better" because they are sneaky about it.

Comment Unknown (Score 2) 201

But I'm on my machine at the office. And while is SAYS that Java is enable and running, it is suspect to say the least. I have applications that require Java that aren't running right now, and other applications that should be there have mysteriously disappeared overnight. Seems that the people in charge of administering my desktop at work believe in "security by removal". If it's at risk, delete it. No, we don't bother with patching. We'll just wait for people to complain about things not working, make them go through the whole justification an approval process, then maybe get around to putting the current version on. Because, you know, it's safer that way.

Comment Re:wiki (Score 1) 231

That's about a close to accurate as you can get with it. Being in the US myself, I find this sort of thing appalling. I've had to listen to co-worked talked for the past few days about how they are going to plan their routes to get all the deals. I've heard some talk about leaving at midnight so they can be at a particular store when they open and some absurd hour just so they can spend money. I, for one, do most of my shopping early. I only need to find a few small gifts for some people now, and I'll likely do it from the comfort of my living room couch. Retail shopping is bad enough the rest of the year, I cannot understand this overt nod to excessive consumerism.

Comment Re:If I get spam from a pizza company, (Score 5, Interesting) 418

No, the drivers lose in the cost of gas to go out. They lose tips for non-existent deliveries. They lose income from people being angry and petty. Remember, the people working in the stores aren't the ones who sent the spam, but they will be the ones to bear the worst of the punishment for such actions. Best response is to just not buy from them anymore. I've stopped ordering a long time ago when I found out he was a heavy political backer of the "nut-job right" (not to be confused with actual Conservatives).

Comment Re:Another Missing option (Score 1) 707

Feed the trolls. Om-nom-nom-nom-nom-nom-nom-nom-nom. But in all seriousness, if you are a US Citizen and registered, please vote today if you have not yet already availed yourself of other options. I don't care about your politics. I do care about civic duty. And also, if you don't vote, you forfeit any political argument you might have (IMO, YMMV).

Comment Re:Social Conservative Christians (Score 1) 503

I normally do vote Libertarian. But I cannot for one moment risk the idea of the current GOP tickets winning. Not one single GOP candidate that I can vote for has shown me any kind of leadership. Yes, things suck. But guess what, people. Things don't get better when you don't even try to get along. Oh, and one more point. Actually pay attention to the ads the Presidential candidates have out. One of them is mostly going on about how he's the right candidate, what he's doing, and how he wants to keep doing it. The other is going on about how is opponent is a bad person, how everything is his fault, and that the only way to fix everything is to get rid of him. Rule 1 of the political game, when your campaign is more about the other guy than it is about you, you've already lost.

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